May’s Brexit disaster unreported by UK press: Britain BLOCKED from $1.7 Trillion in WTO projects

This is a very justifiable post.

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Theresa May’s kowtowing to the hard Brexiters in her party may have just cost the UK $1.7 Trillion of access to international projects after Brexit.

The U.S., New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Ukraine, Israel and Moldova have all blocked Britain’s post-Brexit entry into the World Trade Organization’s Government Procurement Agreement, a market worth $1.7 Trillion.

And while the first six big players on that list may eventually (after perhaps years of hard negotiations) give in with separate trade deals, with the last one – the small country of Moldova – it’s unlikely.

Because it’s personal.

This is because Theresa May – in an effort to look tough on immigration – made the inexplicable and utterly disastrous decision last year to deny visas to a Moldovan government delegation who wanted to visit the UK on a trade mission.

Corina Cojocaru – a government adviser to the Moldova government – and her…

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I Need A Break

Hello fellow readers.

This is Jon Ellison. I just thought I’d state that I’m planning to take a hiatus from writing reviews. These include reviews for films and music artists and Top lists. I of course realise that I may have upset some readers and for that I apologise. I do not intend to cause any offense. But everybody’s got an opinion. Even James Beradinelli and the Nostalgia Critic, some to name, have to express their opinions sometimes.

But the main reason why I’m taking a break from the reviews is because I’m going to be very busy. I have a few projects to be getting on with. This includes a family feature film and a pilot for a sitcom which I’m writing as part of an assignment for a writing related course I’m studying. I’m also working on a few video-related projects for some local companies and friends/colleagues of mine.

I won’t be giving up on this blog permanently, but for a while, I shall be finding it hard to find time to write any reviews and personal top 10/11/(insert number) lists. I may write a blog post now and then, but it’ll mostly be in relation to certain events that have occurred. If I do next write a review, what’ll come first will be one in relation to any topic that was suggested by users who have previously left comments i.e. Top 11 Personal Favourite Films. But as I say, my other works, such as my course, writing projects (i.e. scripts) and video projects will be coming first.

So remember, goodbye in this context doesn’t mean forever. It just means goodbye for a bit. Thank you for reading and especially thank you for your understanding.

Message out.

Theresa May to exempt her own husband from Brexit.

It wouldn’t surprise me that she’s excluding her family from this shenanigan.

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Theresa May’s government is planning to spend huge amounts of taxpayers’ our money exempting people who work in the city from Brexit:


Coincidentally, Theresa May’s husband works in the city:


So when May says Brexit means Brexit — she means for us, the plebs, not for the likes of her and her family.

Obviously …



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Theresa May’s secretive plans to replace NHS in England with private US healthcare system Kaiser Permanente

This proves that if Brexit goes ahead, it’s goodbye NHS.

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UPDATE: We now have no less than Professor Stephen Hawking expressing public concern about the threat to the NHS by Kaiser Permanente – see here.

Kaiser Permanente is a private healthcare organisation based in California.

But unlike many other private healthcare companies in the US, Kaiser provides a complete model of integrated pre-paid insurance along with healthcare which is supposedly provided free at the point of need.

This is a system much like our own NHS but with three major differences – Kaiser’s healthcare provision is much more expensive than the NHS, the healthcare provision side is run for profit and unlike the NHS its cover isn’t comprehensive – it only covers those people who are in work.

Despite that, Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt seems to love Kaiser. He and other ministers have personally visited the company at its California headquarters – several times in fact:

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The Vegan Sausage Roll Is Here To Stay

Some time ago this month, I heard the news that the UK food takeaway store, Greggs, introduced a new food product; that was a vegan sausage roll. Sometime after its introduction, I purchased a roll from a local Greggs store and it tasted nice.

The vegan sausage roll is very much like a regular sausage roll. To me, it didn’t taste any different to the non-vegan one. True that it’s actually quorn inside the roll and not actual sausage meal, but when the roll made contact with my teeth, it was like I couldn’t tell it was quorn and I guess quorn isn’t supposed to taste different to actual meat.

I know a number of friends who are vegetarians/vegans and of course I may not be a vegetarian myself. But I respect their views and motives for becoming vegetarians, so I personally welcome the arrival of the vegan sausage roll and feel that it’s a great opportunity. This is unlike one particular person; an English TV host and journalist who has caused quite a lot of trouble over the years. I of course am referring to Piers Morgan.

Through reading a news article, I noticed how much he whined and whined about the roll’s introduction, calling it Greggs’ excuse to be ‘Politically Correct (PC)’ just for the sake of being PC. Seriously, is that his problem? The next thing I hear is that another man purchases the vegan sausage roll and throws it straight in the trash can. I remember a Twitter user commenting that it was a waste and that a homeless person would’ve wanted it. I can safely call his comment justifiable.

Let me make clear that despite not being a vegetarian (maybe I might become one in the future, I don’t know), I’m grateful that Greggs is selling food that is suitable for vegans. To introduce such a food product isn’t about being PC. As a matter of fact, over the last few years, a large percentage of UK residents have turned to veganism and even Greggs is aware of that. It shows how much they care about the public and their requirements. I’m guessing the same for the fact that their an economical food store with low prices. All Piers Morgan did was make a huge fuss over nothing. He may have felt sick at one point, but to blame it on a vegan sausage roll? I may not like kidney beans, but that’s a personal taste and I don’t go round expressing my disgust like that.

One thing I’d say to Piers Morgan; I liked the sausage roll. If you don’t like it, then don’t buy and/or eat it. But whether you like it or not, it’s staying on display in Greggs. You seriously need to chill out.

2019 Begins

It’s that time again when we finish an old year and enter a new year.

I can’t really say a lot about 2018. It’s gone pretty quick. There have been some great moments and some not-so great moments. I suppose I liked it a little better than 2017. Both of them, I’d take any day over 2016, which was an incredibly sucky year and there’s nothing we can say to defend it. Right?

I, myself, have experienced some changes and events in life. Firstly, I’m currently earning enough money to keep the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) out of my way. The jobs I have may not exactly be linked to my dream career or ideal work schedule, but at least I don’t have to keep going to the job centre each week or put up with any stress that they gave me. On the other hand, I do feel for those suffering through their hands, which I shall get to later on.

I have also begun studying an MA in Creative Writing at De Montfort University. I had graduated four years before then, though I was getting quite little experience in the film industry. Don’t get me wrong, I did expand my resume in camerawork, editing and so forth, though I did have large gaps in-between. My ideal career is to be a script-writer for feature films and I feel that this course will give me a further hand.

I also attended some very interesting events, including a couple of cosplay events; one of which I dressed as Agent Smith from the Matrix films, a Gerry Anderson themed event at the National Space Centre, where I met Shane Rimmer, the same bloke who voiced Scott Tracy in Thunderbirds and as Dick Spanner in the show of the same name. He also wrote episodes for some of Gerry’s other shows. I even saw Slade live at the O2 Academy in Leicester. Of course, there are only two of the original members still performing. I even had a brief chat with one of them, Don Powell, the drummer. They was supported by Mud 2, the second generation of Mud members.

But every year’s had low points. Obviously, we’re still in the middle of dealing with Brexit. Worse of all, Theresa May keeps holding the final decision back, whether to go ahead with the scheme or not. Quite frankly, I wanted Brexit to sod off and die ever since it crept into the UK or any part of the world. To top it all, the homelessness rate in the UK has doubled compared to 2012. Partially accountable for the high rates is DWP, who have ignored the fact that not all claimants of Universal Credit are fit to work, due to certain conditions, ridiculed them and stopped their benefits. Those who are fit to work do their very best to get a decent job, but DWP could at least be more reasonable. I remember coming to a public meeting and there was a lady who lacked mobility in her legs and emotionally stated how she was mistreated for years and had tried to reason with the department that she couldn’t work due to her disability to no success. She was almost in tears and I don’t blame her for that. DWP, if you’re reading this, you need to rethink your actions and the hurt you’re causing to the claimants. You’ve made so many of them homeless and some of them have committed suicide as a result.

Just a few months ago, we lost Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, the chairman of Leicester City Football Club, through a helicopter crash. The helicopter belonged to the Club which I sometimes work for as a steward. It had occurred sometime after I finished work and after the helicopter left the stadium. It was quite a surprise to hear about it when I got home. I also remember passing through a memorial that took place outside the stadium.

And of course, other celebrities we lost through 2018 include;

Barbara Bush

Barry Chuckle

Burt Reynolds

Chas Hodges

Dale Winton

Danny Kirwan

David Ogden Stiers

Dolores O’Riordian

Emma Chambers

Geoffrey Hays

George H.W. Bush

Harry Leslie Smith

John Bluthal

June Whitfield

Leslie Grantham

Lewis Gilbert

Matt ‘Guitar’ Murphy

Milos Forman

Monserrat Caballe

Nicholas Roeg

Penny Marshall

Pete Shelley

R.L. Ermey

Stephen Hawking

Verne Troyer

Vinnie Paul

There’s too much more to say about 2018, but let’s welcome 2019 and see how it goes.

The New Sonic The Hedgehog movie

Once upon a time, there lived in the English town of Leicester a little boy who loved Sonic The Hedgehog. Of course it wasn’t just the Hedgehog he admired, but he and his older brother owned a Sega MegaDrive and some games in relation to Sonic, and Street Fighter, and Streets of Rage, and more to mention. He even watched some of the cartoons based on the video game franchise.

This young lad grew up studying some film-making courses, witnessing the various changes to Sonic The Hedgehog while he was at it. Through the years, he has learned about Sonic and his arch-nemesis Robotnik’s back stories, the format of each game and TV series and even wanted to make a feature length movie based on Sonic. Unfortunately for him as he found out just recently, a movie had already been planned.

Yes folks, it’s a live-action remake of Sonic The Hedgehog. The movie is very much nowhere as near as how the boy planned for it to look like. And I wouldn’t blame him for I’ve known him personally for some years. From what I’m fearing, Sonic will be CGI animated, but that’s not the bad part. It’s the way they’ll CGI and/or who’ll do the effects that I’m concerned about. I bet they’ll look as dreadful as the effects done for the live action versions of Scooby Doo and Garfield. I even predict that they’ll include crude humour for the sake of it being crude.

I sure hope that Sega will be involved in the production, because Sonic does happen to be their character. I also hope the villain’s name is going to stay Ivo Robotnik, for myself and that boy grew up referring to him as Robotnik and not some lame-ass name Eggman. And please, please for the sake of that lad and today’s kids, don’t include any fart jokes.