New Blog

I have a special announcement to make. I have started a new blog on Blogpost.

I understand that this is a brand new change. The reason is because I needed to create a more professional one. I’m not saying that this blog on WordPress isn’t professional, though not many people agree. To be a freelance writer/filmmaker, one of course has to be mindful of what they type on their blogs and use constructive points about what they think of such and such. It’s like going for haircuts in order to look more respectable. Personally I question why recruiters/employers would be so bothered about one’s looks, but there’s nothing much wrong with “playing it safe” as long as it’s necessary.

Even though I now have a new blog, this doesn’t mean that I’ll be giving up with this site. I will be posting stuff on here every now and then. I still have yet to state what my Top movies are. Most of what I put on here is to do with viewpoints, reviews and so forth.

The other one will be to do with movies I was involved in production for and my education, kind of like a portfolio. If you are interested, have a look on this site;

A Warning about COVID-19

Greetings. I hope everybody’s doing fine during this hard time. I’m of course using this time to work on some important things such as writing films and uni work. For those of you who don’t know, I’m studying Creative Writing at a Master’s level at a local university. I studied a film-making course in Northampton and took a four-year hiatus in-between the two courses. I felt that this would be the right time to post this message and sort of warning.

As we all know, due to the CoronaVirus, we’ve had a massive lockdown, which means that we can’t go to social events and that we’ve been forced to stay home. Need I have to remind people of the exceptions. I make no secret that I’m having an extremely sucky time.

However, I’ve been keeping up to date with the latest statistics through The Guardian and so forth. Today’s death toll in the UK stands at 2,921 as is explained through the following link ( This figure is higher compared to yesterday’s which was that minus 569. It’s been constantly rising day by day and other countries i.e. Italy and the USA are in no better condition.

My point is that I feel that a lot of people are not considering the consequences and defying the guidelines. To me, it feels that people are just trying it on. It seems that they’re like “oh it’s just some stupid virus. Let’s just get wasted!” And I’m like “Hello? Have you not seen what’s happening?”. You’re not doing the public any favours.

Of course, I myself am not enjoying this lockdown one bit. I don’t particularly like having to rely on social media for chats. Call me traditional if you like, but it’s not the same as meeting people and talking to them face to face. My 30th birthday is coming up and it’s bad enough that a very special friend of mine is back in China, meaning that we can only talk through phone/social media. It’s also bad enough that I’m having to constantly shift my birthday celebration to a later date.

I’m aware that I’m not the only one who’s hating the situation. Others are too. These include those with mental health issues. Quite frankly, I can’t blame them. I don’t suffer from mental health issues myself. Those who assume that all people with autism/Asperger’s syndrome suffer from mental health problems obviously need to do their research and understand that they’re both different things. Having said that, I feel that the longer this lockdown lasts, the higher the chance that I may develop such issues and I can’t even book an appointment to see a damn psychiatrist, because of the guidelines.

I make no secret that I don’t support Boris Johnson or his fellow Tory members. Frankly, I wish they’d hurry up and help the NHS, so that the timeline for the lockdown will decrease. However, I’m hearing that Brexit is to be delayed until the crisis ends. I hope that’ll be the case. Personally, I’d like Boris to have a change of heart about the situation since many of us never support Brexit in the first place.

But the point is, at least I’m trying to go through the social-distancing process. At least I’m making an effort to follow the guidelines. None of us want this lockdown to be increased. I’m sure we’d all want to regain our freedom by the time the summer begins. But how can we when people are still defying the rules and as a result, more deaths are occurring? So please, I beg you, for your own goods, if we can stick to those rules like I’m doing (reluctantly) right now, we may have a chance of this lockdown lasting less time.

2020 begins!

Greetings, I’m back!

Yes, this is Jon Ellison. The last time I published something on this site was when I played my final respects to Shane Rimmer, best known for voicing Scott Tracy in Thunderbirds. The reason why it’s been so long is because of nothing personal, but because I wanted to take a break, so that I could focus on other writing projects and film related ones too. So in short, work and studies were the reason.
I thought I’d return briefly to reflect on the moments of 2019 and welcome the year of 2020. Believe me, I went through a lot last year, but I’m thinking where I start.
2019 was a pretty easy year for me. I’ve entered my second and final year of my Masters in Creative Writing. There have been some hard subjects, but what do you expect from that level? I’m still enjoying it. I’m still employed which is another good thing. I still claim membership and show my support for the Labour Party and I’ve been attending a few more events. I’ve met some interesting people including Lightning from Gladiators and John Challis, both at Reading festival. And finally, I’m no longer single. It was hard to find a significant match through all these years, but my new girlfriend has made my dreams come true.
Of course, every year has its bad moments. We do hear a lot of talk about the increasing homelessness, but sadly, that’s true. I’ve seen it in my hometown of Leicester and have done my very best to give them a bit of money for survival. Hopefully that fish & chip place in Wales did open to them. It’s not surprising though considering we still have the Conservatives in power. Earlier on, after her failed attempts to get Brexit done, Theresa May as we know resigned as prime minister. Now we have Boris Johnson who is much worse. I’m not just saying that. He doesn’t listen to the public, nor does he realise what Brexit will do to us. I won’t go on about it, because I’ve done that in previous posts. And don’t get me started on his negotiations with Donald Trump(!). Each country has had its fair share of ups and downs too. Again I shan’t go into too much detail, but lets hope the fires in Australia have cleared.
And finally, I shall point out those who we lost last year (I haven’t listed everybody, but here it is);
Mark Hollis
Keith Flint
Judith Kerr
Doris Day
Albert Finney
Peter Fonda
Rip Torn
Luke Perry
Rene Auberjonois
Carroll Spinney
Leonard Goldberg
Robert Forster
Diahann Carroll
Ric Ocasek
Eddie Money
Hal Prince
Rutger Hauer
Dr John
Peter Mayhew
John Singleton
Sid Sheinberg
Katherine Helmond
Andre Previn
Stanley Donen
Peter Tork
Bruno Ganz
Jan-Michael Vincent
Carol Channing
Bob Einstein
and finally Shane Rimmer
The reason I left him till last is because I ironically met him at Leicester’s Space Centre the year before, only a few months before his death. At that time, there was a Gerry Anderson-themed event. It made me think what a lucky sod I was to have met him.
So that was my review of last year. I’m glad I took the time to come back to write this. Here’s to 2020. Here’s hoping that Boris Johnson will start coming to his senses.

Shane Rimmer FAB

On September last year, I had attended a Gerry Anderson themed event at the National Space Centre in Leicester. I came dressed as Aloysious Parker from Thunderbirds. Well, sort of. I remembered Parker wore a suit. But one thing I lacked was colouring for my hair and I should’ve really removed my glasses. But the most special time occurred when I met one of Gerry’s many veterans, Shane Rimmer. He was a truly awesome guy. We got chatting briefly about his experiences and he gave me some useful tips on writing. Those included to research other writing materials and the topics covered in a film/TV episode and to carefully consider the characters’ vocabularies.

Here I am with Shane Rimmer. God bless him.

In the wake of Shane’s passing, I meant to write this blog post around that point, but I had been busy with assignments for my course, work and so forth. During a previous post, I stated that I was taking a hiatus from building up this blog. However, considering how lucky I was to meet Shane and that I’m such a fan of the stuff he’s contributed to, I felt it would be an appropriate time to express my honour to him. Plus today is what could’ve been his 90th birthday.

Most people will remember Shane Rimmer as the voice actor for Scott Tracy in Thunderbirds. His character is known to pilot Thunderbird 1, which launches out of a swimming pool, and he is in fact the oldest brother in the Tracy family. He’s known for his fast-paced talking and quick thinking skills. Thunderbirds was Shane’s first collaboration with Gerry Anderson.

Other voice credits for Gerry’s other shows include as various characters in Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons and in Joe 90 and as the titular character in Dick Spanner PI. He also had cameos in some of the James Bond movies including You Only Live Twice, Diamonds Are Forever, Live & Let Die and The Spy Who Loved Me, and in blockbuster movies including Star Wars, Superman, Gandhi and even Batman Begins. Some of you may not recognise him in person, but those of you familiar with Thunderbirds will certainly recognise his voice. There’s one more acting role I should point out and that’s as Joe Donelli in Coronation Street, an American former army guy. Of course, that role was a couple of decades before I was born, but my god, Joe’s death scene, when he sings Silent Night while holding a resident hostage, is so great.

Shane also make a valid contribution to writing. If you check out his resume via IMDB or something, you’ll notice that he wrote episodes for Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons (Avalanche, Expo 2068 and Inferno), most of which end with the Mysterons winning a battle against Spectrum, Joe 90 (Splashdown and King For A Day included), one episode of Secret Service, and some for the Protectors (Zeke’s Blues and Blockbuster). In fact, the episode Avalanche was Shane’s first writing credit. In this one, Captain Scarlet and Lieutenant Green (yes, on that rare occasion, Green and Captain Blue have switched main roles with each other, long story) attempt to block an attack on a network of missile bases in Canada, which is Shane’s birthplace. During their investigation, Scarlet and Green check out every single base to find that the personnel in each base has suffocated due to the removal of oxygen. That, I call an awesome debut!

Considering that Gerry Anderson died before Shane Rimmer did, I have yet to know of anybody personally who actually met Gerry in person. If fans of the shows didn’t get chance, they may have been lucky enough to meet Shane Rimmer. Him or any of the other lot who worked with Gerry. As mentioned above, I was very lucky to meet Shane and he was a lovely bloke. He was talkative and cooperative. I shall cherish that picture of us both and never forget that day.

Shane Rimmer, may you have a happy 90th birthday up in the skies. As Scott Tracy and his fellow Thunderbirds characters would say, F-A-B.

May’s Brexit disaster unreported by UK press: Britain BLOCKED from $1.7 Trillion in WTO projects

This is a very justifiable post.

Pride's Purge

Theresa May’s kowtowing to the hard Brexiters in her party may have just cost the UK $1.7 Trillion of access to international projects after Brexit.

The U.S., New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Ukraine, Israel and Moldova have all blocked Britain’s post-Brexit entry into the World Trade Organization’s Government Procurement Agreement, a market worth $1.7 Trillion.

And while the first six big players on that list may eventually (after perhaps years of hard negotiations) give in with separate trade deals, with the last one – the small country of Moldova – it’s unlikely.

Because it’s personal.

This is because Theresa May – in an effort to look tough on immigration – made the inexplicable and utterly disastrous decision last year to deny visas to a Moldovan government delegation who wanted to visit the UK on a trade mission.

Corina Cojocaru – a government adviser to the Moldova government – and her…

View original post 214 more words

I Need A Break

Hello fellow readers.

This is Jon Ellison. I just thought I’d state that I’m planning to take a hiatus from writing reviews. These include reviews for films and music artists and Top lists. I of course realise that I may have upset some readers and for that I apologise. I do not intend to cause any offense. But everybody’s got an opinion. Even James Beradinelli and the Nostalgia Critic, some to name, have to express their opinions sometimes.

But the main reason why I’m taking a break from the reviews is because I’m going to be very busy. I have a few projects to be getting on with. This includes a family feature film and a pilot for a sitcom which I’m writing as part of an assignment for a writing related course I’m studying. I’m also working on a few video-related projects for some local companies and friends/colleagues of mine.

I won’t be giving up on this blog permanently, but for a while, I shall be finding it hard to find time to write any reviews and personal top 10/11/(insert number) lists. I may write a blog post now and then, but it’ll mostly be in relation to certain events that have occurred. If I do next write a review, what’ll come first will be one in relation to any topic that was suggested by users who have previously left comments i.e. Top 11 Personal Favourite Films. But as I say, my other works, such as my course, writing projects (i.e. scripts) and video projects will be coming first.

So remember, goodbye in this context doesn’t mean forever. It just means goodbye for a bit. Thank you for reading and especially thank you for your understanding.

Message out.

Girls & Boys

I was browsing through social media when I noticed a really interesting article, which you’ll find via the link above. Apparently, for the first time in Hartford, USA, a number of girl scouts are joining the boy scouts. Or to put it another way, a more mixed scout group.

Although I welcome the movement, it’s not exactly the first time that’s occurred, which I shall go into detail about in a bit. As many people may know, the Scout Association was founded by Robert Baden Powell, a former soldier, in 1910 and incorporated in 1912. For some decades, the gender groups were separate. This was until 1976 when somewhere in the UK, the girls were allowed access to the Venture Scouts which at the time was aimed for those in their late-teens. Although there are mixed gender groups nowadays, it seemed very rare back when I was a member of the Association. I’m a former Scout member myself.

When I was a primary school student, my brother was already a member and my mom persuaded me to have a go. First I joined Beavers, which is like the first level. I was six at the time. Then as I reached the age of eight, I ‘graduated’ to Cubs. I’d say I found that part of the Association more memorable. I didn’t go to Scouts, as in the third level, because I had quit before I joined. One reason being was because at the time I was still in Cubs even though I had just entered Year 6 in the school year and thought, “I should be in Scouts by now”. But another reason was that I started to get bored with it and wanted to do other things.

Looking back, I didn’t find the experience too bad. I do have fond memories of being a member of the Scout Association. I can remember the games we participated in i.e. Traffic Lights, Dead Lions, the beans game, Frog On A Log (In The Pond), some to name. I can also remember the songs we sang. One of them, which makes me laugh just think about it, was the Coca Cola song sung to the tune of Frere Jacques (“Coca Cola x2, Makes you burp x 2, Have another bottle x2, Burp burp burp x2”). I remember singing the belching song to the tune of Bingo. It went like this; “there was a man who opened his mouth, and this is what came out of it”, and then I took a sip of water and ensured it was still in my esophagus by the time I sang “B-U-R-P” and then belch. I did that three times and then I sang “Of course it was a” and then belch. Those were good times. Plus I can’t think of anybody I didn’t get on with.

But the con was that neither the Beavers group nor the Cubs group were mixed, gender-wise. It was just boys, aside from the group leaders. It was like being in a same-sex school and I’m lucky I didn’t go to a boys school. However, it seemed odd. I remember one of the boys once quoting “girls don’t go to Beavers”. I couldn’t remember if it was at that or Cubs. Sometime later, my mom said that “girls go to Rainbows/Brownies”. Apparently, she wanted to join when she was younger, but didn’t due to financial reasons. The next thing I noticed, when I moved on to Cubs, we each had a handbook and I remember seeing some pictures on the front cover and there was one of boys and girls mixing together. I thought “wait a minute, of course girls do go to Scout clubs. How come we ain’t mixing?”

Oh well. I’m not saying all that just to be PC. I just think that it’d be a great opportunity to include both boys and girls in a Scout Group. Therefore, and even though it’s strange that the movement has not occurred before in Hartford, may it commence!