2020 begins!

Greetings, I’m back!

Yes, this is Jon Ellison. The last time I published something on this site was when I played my final respects to Shane Rimmer, best known for voicing Scott Tracy in Thunderbirds. The reason why it’s been so long is because of nothing personal, but because I wanted to take a break, so that I could focus on other writing projects and film related ones too. So in short, work and studies were the reason.
I thought I’d return briefly to reflect on the moments of 2019 and welcome the year of 2020. Believe me, I went through a lot last year, but I’m thinking where I start.
2019 was a pretty easy year for me. I’ve entered my second and final year of my Masters in Creative Writing. There have been some hard subjects, but what do you expect from that level? I’m still enjoying it. I’m still employed which is another good thing. I still claim membership and show my support for the Labour Party and I’ve been attending a few more events. I’ve met some interesting people including Lightning from Gladiators and John Challis, both at Reading festival. And finally, I’m no longer single. It was hard to find a significant match through all these years, but my new girlfriend has made my dreams come true.
Of course, every year has its bad moments. We do hear a lot of talk about the increasing homelessness, but sadly, that’s true. I’ve seen it in my hometown of Leicester and have done my very best to give them a bit of money for survival. Hopefully that fish & chip place in Wales did open to them. It’s not surprising though considering we still have the Conservatives in power. Earlier on, after her failed attempts to get Brexit done, Theresa May as we know resigned as prime minister. Now we have Boris Johnson who is much worse. I’m not just saying that. He doesn’t listen to the public, nor does he realise what Brexit will do to us. I won’t go on about it, because I’ve done that in previous posts. And don’t get me started on his negotiations with Donald Trump(!). Each country has had its fair share of ups and downs too. Again I shan’t go into too much detail, but lets hope the fires in Australia have cleared.
And finally, I shall point out those who we lost last year (I haven’t listed everybody, but here it is);
Mark Hollis
Keith Flint
Judith Kerr
Doris Day
Albert Finney
Peter Fonda
Rip Torn
Luke Perry
Rene Auberjonois
Carroll Spinney
Leonard Goldberg
Robert Forster
Diahann Carroll
Ric Ocasek
Eddie Money
Hal Prince
Rutger Hauer
Dr John
Peter Mayhew
John Singleton
Sid Sheinberg
Katherine Helmond
Andre Previn
Stanley Donen
Peter Tork
Bruno Ganz
Jan-Michael Vincent
Carol Channing
Bob Einstein
and finally Shane Rimmer
The reason I left him till last is because I ironically met him at Leicester’s Space Centre the year before, only a few months before his death. At that time, there was a Gerry Anderson-themed event. It made me think what a lucky sod I was to have met him.
So that was my review of last year. I’m glad I took the time to come back to write this. Here’s to 2020. Here’s hoping that Boris Johnson will start coming to his senses.