May’s Brexit disaster unreported by UK press: Britain BLOCKED from $1.7 Trillion in WTO projects

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Pride's Purge

Theresa May’s kowtowing to the hard Brexiters in her party may have just cost the UK $1.7 Trillion of access to international projects after Brexit.

The U.S., New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Ukraine, Israel and Moldova have all blocked Britain’s post-Brexit entry into the World Trade Organization’s Government Procurement Agreement, a market worth $1.7 Trillion.

And while the first six big players on that list may eventually (after perhaps years of hard negotiations) give in with separate trade deals, with the last one – the small country of Moldova – it’s unlikely.

Because it’s personal.

This is because Theresa May – in an effort to look tough on immigration – made the inexplicable and utterly disastrous decision last year to deny visas to a Moldovan government delegation who wanted to visit the UK on a trade mission.

Corina Cojocaru – a government adviser to the Moldova government – and her…

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I Need A Break

Hello fellow readers.

This is Jon Ellison. I just thought I’d state that I’m planning to take a hiatus from writing reviews. These include reviews for films and music artists and Top lists. I of course realise that I may have upset some readers and for that I apologise. I do not intend to cause any offense. But everybody’s got an opinion. Even James Beradinelli and the Nostalgia Critic, some to name, have to express their opinions sometimes.

But the main reason why I’m taking a break from the reviews is because I’m going to be very busy. I have a few projects to be getting on with. This includes a family feature film and a pilot for a sitcom which I’m writing as part of an assignment for a writing related course I’m studying. I’m also working on a few video-related projects for some local companies and friends/colleagues of mine.

I won’t be giving up on this blog permanently, but for a while, I shall be finding it hard to find time to write any reviews and personal top 10/11/(insert number) lists. I may write a blog post now and then, but it’ll mostly be in relation to certain events that have occurred. If I do next write a review, what’ll come first will be one in relation to any topic that was suggested by users who have previously left comments i.e. Top 11 Personal Favourite Films. But as I say, my other works, such as my course, writing projects (i.e. scripts) and video projects will be coming first.

So remember, goodbye in this context doesn’t mean forever. It just means goodbye for a bit. Thank you for reading and especially thank you for your understanding.

Message out.