Worst To Best: albums by Queen

I am very excited about seeing the new biopic film Bohemian Rhapsody which is coming out very soon. I also feel that the film is going to be way better than that musical which Ben Elton wrote which I found to be commercial clap trap, but that’s another story.

So in celebration, I shall be exploring every album that was released by one of my favourite bands, which consisted of Brian May, Freddie Mercury, John Deacon and Roger Taylor. The band I of course am referring to is called Queen. I shall be ranking what I personally consider Queen’s worst to best albums.

Many fans, or people who claim to be fans of Queen, have mostly paid more attention to their greatest hits, but I think Queen, much like David Bowie and other artists, have released some interesting material through their studio albums. Over the years, Queen has demonstrated a creative melodic and artistic persona.

For this list, I’m excluding live-recorded albums and compilations i.e. the Greatest Hits ones. So here is my list of what I consider to be the Worst-to-Best Albums by Queen.

Number 16;…

Jazz (1978)

Tracklist: Mustapha / Fat Bottomed Girls / Jealousy / Bicycle Race / If You Can’t Beat Them / Let Me Entertain You / Dead On Time / In Only Seven Days / Dreamer’s Ball / Fun It / Leaving Home Ain’t Easy / Don’t Stop Me Now / More Of That Jazz

Style: Hard Rock, Pop Rock, Stadium Rock, Heavy Metal

Overall Rating: 63.5%

As rules are rules for this post, there’s always a worst album. And I give that point to Jazz. I’m not saying it’s a terrible album. It does have high points. Fat Bottomed Girls remains entertaining and I’ve always loved Bicycle Race. Not to mention the opening track Mustapha.

But Jazz goes downhill by the second half by the time we get to Let Me Entertain You and no, it ain’t the same one Robbie Williams did. It’s the rhythm that brings it down a bit. Also, I’m just going to come out and admit it. I think Don’t Stop Me Now is an overrated song. Not that I have much against it, it’s pleasant, but I’m not keen on the way parts of it are sung and I don’t think it’s as good as their other hits. But the worse part is that this version has too much cheering in the background as if they’re in a live studio and it’s really distracting.

Even More Of That Jazz doesn’t provide a clean closing to the album. It just ends with distracting snippets of the previous tracks. If you consider Jazz your favourite album, fair-play. But dude, did you hear the other ones?

Number 15;…

News Of The World (1977)

Tracklist: We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions / Sheer Heart Attack / All Dead, All Dead / Spread Your Wings / Fight From The Inside / Get Down, Make Love / Sleeping On The Sidewalk / Who Needs You / It’s Late / My Melancholy Blues

Style: Hard Rock, Pop Rock, Stadium Rock

Overall Rating: 66.6%

Next we have an album which was released during the time when punk rock was becoming dominant and even the loud mouthed Sex Pistols badmouthed the progressive rock roots. Queen was one of the targets. So Queen just had to make some money. Music isn’t about making money. It’s about the art of music. C’mon Queen, you proved exactly so through your previous albums.

Basically, for the recording of News Of The World, Queen decided to keep things simple. We Will Rock You, which’ll obviously never be forgotten, mostly consists of the 3-note drum/clap rhythm, accompanied by Brian May’s closing guitar solo. The follow-up, We Are The Champions is another entertaining stadium anthem. But I don’t think I’d listen to that and We Will Rock You every day, at least for my taste.

I personally love punk rock and Sheer Heart Attack does heighten my spirits and demonstrate that Queen is capable of trying new genres, just like David Bowie. All Dead All Dead, I presume, is about extinction, but a bit too quiet. Spread Your Wings is a bit slow. Get Down Make Love, very rhythmic. I give credit that News Of The World introduced the band to stadium rock, though I find it a little too simplistic, like they cut back too much on the music.

Number 14;…

A Kind Of Magic (1986)

Tracklist: One Vision / A Kind Of Magic / One Year Of Love / Pain Is So Close To Pleasure / Friends Will Be Friends / Who Wants To Live Forever / Gimme The Prize (Kurgan’s Theme) / Don’t Lose Your Head / Princes Of The Universe

Style: Pop Rock, Hard Rock

Overall Rating: 72.5%

Released a year after their performance for Live Aid, A Kind Of Magic gets to a good start beginning with the obvious inspired track, One Vision, also the first one to be written by the entire group.

You may notice that some of the some of the songs are from the film Highlander; A Kind Of Magic, which I place in the okay category, One Year Of Love, a bit slow and quiet, Who Wants To Live Forever, so beautifully written and performed despite the absence of John Deacon, Gimme The Prize, which shares similar music sources with another track, Princes Of The Universe, a truly underrated hard-rock classic.

That being said, the album could’ve been Highlander: Official Soundtrack. We do have one more soundtrack album on this list, but A Kind Of Magic is not quite as memorable. And from an artist’s point-of-view, I have mixed feelings about the album cover which to me makes the band members look like the genie from Aladdin and/or Lurch from the animated version of the Addams Family.

Number 13;…

Queen (1973)

Tracklist: Keep Yourself Alive / Doing All Right / Great King Rat / My Fairy King / Liar / The Night Comes Down / Modern Times Rock ‘N’ Roll / Son And Daughter / Jesus / Seven Seas Of Rhye [short instrumental version]

Style: Hard Rock, Glam Rock, Progressive Rock, Heavy Metal

Overall Rating: 74%

Next, we have Queen’s introductory album. I do have to admit, Queen did make a great start to their career. This was released sometime during the classic glam-rock era (1970-1975), another favourite genre of mine, and many of these tracks contribute to it.

Queen gets off to a flying start. The opening track Keep Yourself Alive and Liar are thrashing hits which demonstrate that example. Other tracks such as Doing All Right and Modern Times Rock & Roll, the latter with amazing vocals from Roger, will also keep you entertained.

Though Queen does feel more like an AC/DC album than something released by Queen, if you listen deeper to the music. It ends with Jesus, the band’s apparently only song to reference religion, not my favourite topic, plus a short instrumental version of Seven Seas Of Rhye, which I don’t think I’d listen to on its own. Fine album. I’d buy it. But I think Queen improved through their next album which I’ll get to later on.

Number 12;…

A Day At The Races (1976)

Tracklist: Tie Your Mother Down / You Take My Breath Away / Long Away / The Millionaire Waltz / You And I / Somebody To Love / White Man / Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy / Drowse / Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)

Style: Hard Rock, Pop Rock

Overall Rating: 79.5%

Following the giant success of A Night At The Opera, Queen released another one named after a Marx Brothers film, A Day At The Races.

Compared to its predecessor, this sequel album is a bit of a boring one. Don’t get me wrong, I’d enjoy a listen. It gets off to a great start with Tie Your Mother Down which I never get tired of and I so want to learn the riff on my guitar. There’s also the underrated ballad Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy. And of course, we get the classic gospel inspired Somebody To Love.

But the rest ain’t particularly that memorable compared to other albums. I can understand why critics and of course the Sex Pistols got nit-picky about it.

Number 11;…

The Works (1984)

Tracklist: Radio Ga Ga / Tear It Up / It’s A Hard Life / Man On The Prowl / Machines (Or Back To Humans) / I Want To Break Free / Keep Passing The Open Windows / Hammer To Fall / Is This The World We Created…?

Style: Pop Rock, Hard Rock

Overall Rating: 80%

Released during the mid-ish 80s, The Works is a fine album. Apparently it took Queen a bit of time to produce this one, partially because they had solo material to work on. Freddie for instance was working on his Mr Bad Guy album at the time.

Radio Ga Ga is as awesome as hell. Tear It Up, a bit old fashioned, but nice one. It’s A Hard Life is okay. Machines, love it! Seriously, check out the distinctive percussion. Imagine if Gary Numan was doing that one, lol. I Want To Break Free, kind of overrated. I’m not keen on the way some of the lines are sung. But I’ve always loved the music video which has the members in drag. Hammer To Fall, which has more than just the hard rock flavour. It’s also an anti-war protest (“What the hell are we fighting for?”). The closing song Is This The World We Created, which is performed only by Freddie and Brian and expresses the poverty in Africa.

The Works gets political at the end. There’s also an occasional sci-fi theme (Radio Ga Ga, Machines), though the music styles do get a bit jumbled throughout.

Number 10;…

Cosmos Rocks (2008)

Tracklist: Cosmos Rockin’ / Time To Shine / Still Burnin’ / Small / Warboys / We Believe / Call Me / Voodoo / Some Things That Glitter / C-lebrity / Through The Night / Say It’s Not True / Surf’s Up…School’s Out ! / Small Reprise

Style: Blues, Hard Rock, Pop Rock, Glam Rock

Overall Rating: 80.3%

I said I wasn’t excluding any of Queen’s studio albums from this list and Cosmos Rocks, which was released in partnership with Paul Rodgers, formally from Free, still counts as one.

Many Queen fans consider their most recent and, to-date, only album recorded without Freddie’s presence, Cosmos Rocks, an inferior album. Maybe it’s because Paul Rodgers isn’t exactly Freddie or possibly because the album doesn’t relate to Queen’s traditional roots. Apparently Roger wasn’t exactly a fan of Cosmos Rocks. He did once say; “I just think that Paul’s more blues and soul – one of our favourite singers, ever, but, when it boils down to it, he wasn’t the perfect frontman for us. I felt the album was badly promoted by EMI, who were falling to bits at the time. We were on tour in Europe, and I went into record stores and we weren’t in them. And I remember being furious, thinking, ‘Why did we make this f***ing record?'”

Either way, although I don’t think Cosmos Rocks is their absolute best, I still think it holds up fine. I had fun listening to it and there are songs that I do love. C-Lebrity, for instance, is a relatable rock song with a fantastic guitar riff from Brian and expressing the cynical way of becoming a celebrity, or as they put it, ‘C-Lebrity’. Small brings in a bit of style from Paul’s old band free and mixes it with a gentle atmosphere. Cosmos Rockin’ is a pure upbeat opening. Ideally I would’ve thought Surf’s Up…School’s Out would end the album better, but the Small reprise is okay I guess. Still Burnin’, though rhythmic, is a bit distracted by the drum riff of We Will Rock You. But my favourite song from Cosmos Rock is Call Me, not to be confused by Blondie’s song of the same name, which I reckon should’ve been released as a single.

Number 9;…

The Game (1980)

Tracklist: Play The Game / Dragon Attack / Another One Bites The Dust / Need Your Loving Tonight / Crazy Little Thing Called Love / Rock It (Prime Jive) / Don’t Try Suicide / Sail Away Sweet Sister / Coming Soon / Save Me

Style: Pop Rock, Classic Rock

Overall Rating: 80.5%

Although I felt that Queen went downhill a bit from A Day At The Races to Jazz, my thoughts on The Game, I think brought things up a notch. The Game is Queen’s closing to the 70s and opening to the 80s. But that’s beside the point.

Play The Game is lovely, but is it me or do I sense a theme of prostitution? Well it isn’t really. But it was the feeling I got. Another One Bites The Dust was so definitely great on John’s resume. Crazy Little Thing Called Love, a fine rock & roll song. Don’t Try Suicide definitely provides an important message to listeners. Save Me, an underrated rock song, is about an affair that thankfully ended.

There’s a mixture of love songs, which has long been a cliché throughout the music business. Some of the songs contain themes that are taboo. Another One Bites The Dust, despite its funky rhythm, you can guess is about death. Don’t Try Suicide, attempted suicide. But overall, it’s the music I give the most credit for.

Number 8;…

Hot Space (1981)

Tracklist: Staying Power / Dancer / Back Chat / Body Language / Action This Day / Put Out The Fire / Life Is Real (Song For Lennon) / Calling All Girls / Las Palabras De Amor (The Words Of Love) / Cool Cat / Under Pressure

Style: Electronica, Pop Rock, Synth-Pop, Disco, Dance, Funk, Rhythm and Blues

Overall Rating: 84.3%

Some of you will probably hate me for placing Hot Space quite high. Boy, has it generated some hatred for some time. Even Brian and Roger didn’t like this one. But I kinda like this one, and for a variety of major and minor reasons.

Firstly, I’m very keen on the different take on the music Queen took. I always saw them as more than just a rock band and I don’t find anything wrong with that. They did plenty of songs considered pop or pop-ish before and after. Don’t Stop Me Now, You’re My Best Friend, Invisible Man, some to name.

Now let’s discuss the songs. Under Pressure, which they did with David Bowie, that’s always a pleasure. Las Palabras De Amor demonstrates how well they can sing in a foreign language. Back Chat, very underrated – funny thing actually, John and Brian once had a heated squabble over that one. Body Language – gee this one gets so much hate mail. Am I the only one who likes this one? Sure the lyrics are a little goofy, but the smooth bass riff gets so much of my credit.

Hot Space, a personal guilty pleasure for me.

Number 7;…

Made In Heaven (1995)

Tracklist: It’s A Beautiful Day / Made In Heaven / Let Me Live / Mother Love / My Life Has Been Saved / I Was Born To Love You / Heaven For Everyone / Too Much Love Will Kill You / You Don’t Fool Me / A Winter’s Tale / It’s A Beautiful Day (Reprise) / Untitled / Untitled

Style: Pop Rock, Soft Rock

Overall Rating: 89.7%

Freddie may have been involved in the production for Made In Heaven, but alas, he did not live to see the release. But I’m positively sure he would’ve been proud of it. Made In Heaven is a fitting tribute to Freddie and you can definitely feel the sadness over the band’s loss, but realise that he’ll never be forgotten through most of the songs. Many of them are softer in music compared to previous albums.

Heaven For Everyone, a soft rock song which Freddie and Roger originally did with a band called The Cross during their hiatus, you can get a sense that Freddie’s singing from heaven. Same with the title track, which has more of a harder tone through music. We should all know by now about Freddie’s cause of death. Too Much Love Will Kill You, a gentle ballad, expresses how painful AIDS is, although technically, Brian originally wrote it about the split from his first wife. Let Me Live is about the right to live without going through a hard life. Made In Heaven dos lighten up the tone a bit, through songs such as I Was Born To Love You, It’s A Beautiful Day and the lovely A Winter’s Tale, which could’ve made a great Christmas single.

My only problem with Made In Heaven is the last two tracks which I don’t think needed to be there and they make it feel like the end of each Robbie Williams album which is just random stuff. But the rest of Made In Heaven is worth it.

Number 6;…

Sheer Heart Attack (1974)

Tracklist: Brighton Rock / Killer Queen / Tenement Funster / Flick Of The Wrist / Lily Of The Valley / Now I’m Here / In The Lap Of The Gods / Stone Cold Crazy / Dear Friends / Misfire / Bring Back That Leroy Brown / She Makes Me (Stormtrooper In Stilettos) / In The Lap Of The Gods… Revisited

Style: Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Prog Rock, Glam Rock

Overall Rating: 91.5%

Sheer Heart Attack was recorded sometime after Queen supported Mott The Hoople on tour, so I guess it’s not much of a surprise that the band altered their music roots a bit. I like this one better than Queen I, mainly because of the flavour and the memorability. Nothing to do with the fact that it contains some of their ‘bigger hits’ i.e. Killer Queen and Now I’m Here, because those two are so much more than just commercial.

Killer Queen, I always thought was about a royal lady who performs voodoo, but through a clever bit of writing actually teaches people that upper-class people can prostitute themselves and not just the lower-class. Now I’m Here contains a Mott The Hoople style rhythm, but only much harder. On to the non-singles. Brighton Rock, good choice for an opening track, is very Who-like. It always reminded me of Quadrophenia, both album and movie. Maybe it’s due to the brief ambience at the start or the fact it takes place in Brighton. And here’s another thing. Compared to Queen I, Sheer Heart Attack feels much more like a glam-rock album as you can sense through Stone Cold Crazy, Misfire and Bring Back That Leroy Brown, the latter which experiments with the ukulele played by Brian and the honky-tonk piano played of course by Freddie.

But all in all, I give the most credit to Freddie’s rhythmic keyboards throughout the album. If I’m to learn the keyboards again, I’m going to revisit Sheer Heart Attack.

Number 5;…

A Night At The Opera (1975)

Tracklist: Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To …) / Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon / I’m In Love With My Car / You’re My Best Friend / ’39 / Sweet Lady / Seaside Rendezvous / The Prophet’s Song / Love Of My Life / Good Company / Bohemian Rhapsody / God Save The Queen

Style: Hard Rock, Prog Rock, Classic Rock, Pop Rock, Heavy Metal

Overall Rating: 93.3%

Some of you were probably thinking that I was going to place A Night At The Opera really high on the list. Others may be surprised considering that it’s stalled at #5 and are maybe thinking; “wait a minute. This should be number 1.” A Night At The Opera most certainly goes by the book, nothing to do with the film, but it’s very operatic for a rock album.

Queen experiments with harmonies through Death On Two Legs, The Prophet’s Song and of course Bohemian Rhapsody. Some of it does sound theatrical. Seaside Rendezvous’ ragtime style certainly adds to it, while Bohemian Rhapsody’s middle bit (“Scaramouche” etc) sounds a bit like British pantomime. The album experiments with different genres such as ragtime, skiffle (‘39), hard rock (I’m In Love With My Car), heavy metal (Sweet Lady), Japanese Rock (Prophet’s Song) and ballads (You’re My Best Friend, Love Of My Life). My favourite songs on the album include I’m In Love With My Car – it’s so amusing to sing, ’39 – which I believe is one of Brian’s most important writing achievements and Prophet’s Song – considering how damn epic it is.

If I had to nit-pick, I’d be to do with the album cover. I reckon it should’ve been the cover of A Day At The Races and vice versa from an artist’s point of view, but I digress.

Number 4;…

Queen II (1974)

Tracklist: Procession / Father To Son / White Queen (As It Began) / Some Day One Day / The Loser In The End / Ogre Battle / The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke / Nevermore / The March Of The Black Queen / Funny How Love Is / The Seven Seas Of Rhye

Style: Art Rock, Hard Rock, Glam Rock, Heavy Metal

Overall Rating: 95.2%

Queen II is thankfully generating more credit than it used to. Part of why I place it so high on this list, even above A Night At The Opera, due to the forever incredible album cover, which would later become a staple for the music video to Bohemian Rhapsody.

Some of the album contains darker themes than Queen I, especially through the second half, hence Ogre Battle, a purely epic hard rock song which I’m guessing is about a war between some ogres, who are fighting for some tournament (“You can come along/You can come along/Come to the ogre battle). Even Roger’s closing drum crash adds to the atmosphere. March Of The Black Queen doesn’t exactly provide a luminous flavour either (“My life is in your hands”), and I mean that in an awesome way. The rest is worth listening to as well. Brian May’s Procession is a nice opening. Some Day One Day is a gentle piece and Roger’s Loser In The End gets us in the groove.

Queen II doesn’t contain many hit singles, but so what? Most of Pink Floyd’s albums didn’t, but they’re still hailed. Queen II does end with the beautiful and more-improved Seven Seas Of Rhye. I wonder why Funny How Love Is was never released as a single, but oh well.

Number 3;…

The Miracle (1989)

Tracklist: Party / Khashoggi’s Ship / The Miracle / I Want It All / The Invisible Man / Breakthru / Rain Must Fall / Scandal / My Baby Does Me / Was It All Worth It

Style: Pop Rock, Classic Rock

Overall Rating: 95.5%

Yeah, big shock, The Miracle is very high on this list. Many fans don’t consider this their strongest album, but I feel that The Miracle holds up brilliantly. Firstly, I want to offer my huge praise to the album cover. It’s very artistic. I admire how the four main members are morphed face-by-face. I got the sense that after their hiatus following A Kind Of Magic; with solo albums which didn’t sell very well, Brian’s relationship issues and Freddie’s HIV diagnosis, Queen still remained connected as a band, through both the cover and outside of it.

The Miracle gets off to a groovy start with their Party. The theme of having a party maybe cliché, but Queen pull it off so well, helped by Roger’s incredible drums and Brian’s cool solo. The entertainment doesn’t end as we dive next into Khashoggi’s Ship, which I shall gladly come back and revisit. But there’s more than just the joy. The Miracle expresses some political views through I Want It All – which was used as a rallying song for young African people, Scandal – Brian rightly attacks the tabloids which dealt with his relationship with Anita Dobson.

There’s a bonus track called Chinese Torture which despite mostly being an instrumental, concerns the harm victims get from the Chinese Water Torture. We also receive an artistic motivation throughout. Rain Must Fall, helped by John’s funky bass riff along with Roger’s percussion, I feel is a little more atmospheric than I Can’t Stand The Rain. The title track, I agree is a complex track and Freddie’s synth notes gives it a psychedelic feel. The energetic Breakthru, even without the video, you can get a sense that they’re either running from trouble or travelling on a very fast vehicle. And of course, there’s the criminally underrated and one of my personal favourites, The Invisible Man – I always got a sense that it was based on the book of the same name. It certainly has some sort of sci-fi theme, through the synth riffs, apparently played by Roger, and the lyrics (“Incredible how you can see right through me”). Oh and extra points for Brian’s impossible to play guitar solo. This song ought to be played on the radio more often!

The biggest complaint from many people is how ‘poppy’ The Miracle album is, but there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of pop music. Was this light-hearted album all worth it? Yes it was.

Number 2;…

Flash Gordon (Original Soundtrack) (1980)

Tracklist: Flash’s Theme / In The Space Capsule (The Love Theme) / Ming’s Theme (In The Court Of Ming The Merciless) / The Ring (Hypnotic Seduction Of Dale) / Football Fight / In The Death Cell (Love Theme Reprise) / Execution Of Flash / The Kiss (Aura Resurrects Flash) / Arboria (Planet Of The Tree Men) / Escape From The Swamp / Flash To The Rescue / Vultan’s Theme (Attack Of The Hawk Men) / Battle Theme / The Wedding March / Marriage Of Dale And Ming (And Flash Approaching) / Crash Dive On Mingo City / Flash’s Theme Reprise (Victory Celebrations) / The Hero

Style: Pop Rock, Classic Rock, Soundtrack

Overall Rating: 96.9%

A more unusual studio album this one. It’s actually the soundtrack to the 1980 film version of Flash Gordon directed by Mike Hodges. But it’s entirely recorded by Queen, with some contributions from Brian Blessed and other cast members. Some people are going to debate my high ranking for Flash Gordon, but do hear me out.

It commences with the obvious theme tune Flash and what a song it is! Every time I hear the “Flash! Arrrrh!” bits, I always get a sense of adventure, a very dangerous adventure approaching. I also love the laser firings in the middle and towards the end where Flash’s girlfriend is calling; “Flash I love you! And we have fourteen hours to save the earth.” In The Space Capsule contains a synthesised ambient tone, though joined by Roger’s drums to create the tension. Ming’s Theme, a nice smooth keyboard melody joined by a bit of dialogue. Football Fight – very upbeat and Brian’s guitar creates the atmosphere of the violence. Execution Of Flash – I don’t think there’s need to go into that. Vultan’s theme – something I’d definitely revisit.

Some of the tracks do contain snippets from the theme tune, but that’s the same with the scores through a lot of blockbuster movies; Star Wars, ET, Jurassic Park, some of the modern Disney movies, I can’t name anymore right now. All in all, Flash Gordon gives us the sci-fi/adventure feel and you can easily meditate to what goes on even without watching the film, though I do recommend checking that out too. I have always loved listening to soundtracks to films and Flash Gordon is one I rate near my top list of favourites along with Fantasia and Saturday Night Fever.

I really think Queen deserves a lot of credit for putting together a soundtrack and this one describes their genius. Many of them contributed to later soundtracks. John worked on Biggles: Adventures In Time, Brian did The Adventure Of Pinocchio. Oh and let’s not forget Highlander. I still think A Kind Of Magic should’ve been that.

And the number 1 album by Queen is…

Innuendo (1991)

Tracklist: Innuendo / I’m Going Slightly Mad / Headlong / I Can’t Live With You / Don’t Try So Hard / Ride The Wild Wind / All God’s People / These Are The Days Of Our Lives / Delilah / The Hitman / Bijou / The Show Must Go On

Style: Pop Rock, Hard Rock, Synth-Pop

Overall Rating: 97.7%

And Thunderbirds are go!

It does sound strange that I’m placing an album from the early nineties which was released by a band whose music is more recognised from the seventies and a bit of the eighties. But I genuinely think that Innuendo is the greatest album Queen have ever produced.

Innuendo is darker than most of Queen’s material, a true epic rock gem and even the themes relate so much to the tragedy that was occurring through the band’s personal lives. It was released the very same year Freddie was eventually beaten his illness. Some of the material makes clear on how sick he was, but Freddie does manage to keep his singing spirits up. The music also contributes to the dark moments.

Starting with the title track Innuendo – an awesomely epic and truly haunting opening to the album. The E to F chord sequence is enough to make our epidermis show as is Steve Howe’s flamenco guitar solo. I’m Going Slightly Mad – mostly inspired by one of Noel Coward’s phrases, though I get the feeling that Freddie did literally go a bit ‘mad’ due to his illness. The keyboards even create a spooky feel to the song. And speaking of comedy, the video is definitely worth a look. Headlong – a pure fast-paced hard rock song which gradually lightens the atmosphere a bit leading to I Can’t Live With You. Don’t Try So Hard – a smother song which contributes to the hard work Freddie was putting in with the others, despite his condition as I just mentioned. Ride The Wild Wind – though a rock tune with a light tone, still would give us the feel that god’s calling Freddie. All God’s People, though slower, with a similar-ish theme. These Are The Days Of Our Lives – I sometimes wonder if maybe that should’ve been the last track because of how gentle it is and it could be considered Freddie’s goodbye song, just like David Bowie’s I Can’t Give Everything Away which closed Blackstar. Delilah – an amusing light-hearted song about Freddie’s cat. I don’t know why that song’s despised, even Roger hated that one. The Hitman – back to hard rock. Bijou – back to the dark atmosphere, helped by the smooth ambience, Brian’s melodic guitar bit and very little vocals.

And finally we have one of my personal favourites, the Show Must Go On – an awesome way to close the album, though as haunting as Innuendo, which demonstrates that despite difficulties, things have to take place sometimes, hence, “the show must go on”. Freddie was certainly confident enough to complete things and he still had the stamina, until later on.

So that was my personal ranking of worst-to-best Queen albums. Do feel free to leave your comments below, if you agree/disagree with my choices. It’s just my silly personal opinion. As always thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing Bohemian Rhapsody as son as it comes out.