The New Sonic The Hedgehog movie

Once upon a time, there lived in the English town of Leicester a little boy who loved Sonic The Hedgehog. Of course it wasn’t just the Hedgehog he admired, but he and his older brother owned a Sega MegaDrive and some games in relation to Sonic, and Street Fighter, and Streets of Rage, and more to mention. He even watched some of the cartoons based on the video game franchise.

This young lad grew up studying some film-making courses, witnessing the various changes to Sonic The Hedgehog while he was at it. Through the years, he has learned about Sonic and his arch-nemesis Robotnik’s back stories, the format of each game and TV series and even wanted to make a feature length movie based on Sonic. Unfortunately for him as he found out just recently, a movie had already been planned.

Yes folks, it’s a live-action remake of Sonic The Hedgehog. The movie is very much nowhere as near as how the boy planned for it to look like. And I wouldn’t blame him for I’ve known him personally for some years. From what I’m fearing, Sonic will be CGI animated, but that’s not the bad part. It’s the way they’ll CGI and/or who’ll do the effects that I’m concerned about. I bet they’ll look as dreadful as the effects done for the live action versions of Scooby Doo and Garfield. I even predict that they’ll include crude humour for the sake of it being crude.

I sure hope that Sega will be involved in the production, because Sonic does happen to be their character. I also hope the villain’s name is going to stay Ivo Robotnik, for myself and that boy grew up referring to him as Robotnik and not some lame-ass name Eggman. And please, please for the sake of that lad and today’s kids, don’t include any fart jokes.