Lives On Empty Stomachs

Hello felow blog readers, sorry I haven’t posted a lot in a while. I had just been busy with projects and work troubles. However, I’ve had a few minutes to spare to write this post in regards to my disgust with Theresa May’s latest and senseless actions.

Last week I signed a petition, which was pitted against May’s plans to abolish free school meals. Many readers who read my previous blogs may know that I’m a member of the Labour Party. Many other Labour members/voters also signed the petition. Yesterday, I received the news through a few online news articles and an email from Tom Watson that we lost the vote and now May has officially banned free school meals.

These are the reasons why I signed the petition. Firstly, the childrens’ families who are affected by this probably can’t even afford food at all. There is nearly a million people in the United Kingdom who are unemployed, many of who are claiming Universal Credit and/or Job Seeker’s Allowance. Those people earn very little money, an estimated £75 per week which simply isn’t enough to cover food shopping or electric/house/water bills. The free school meals would’ve therefore benefited the children, because at least the meals wouldn’t have come out of the theirs or the families’ limited wages.

As Tom Watson stated in his email message;
“One in five children in my West Bromwich East constituency are currently eligible for free school meals. But not for much longer. Currently, all families on Universal Credit can claim free lunches. New rules mean from April 1, children in Year Three and above won’t be eligible in future if their parents are working and earning more than £7,400.”

It was bad enough when Margaret Thatcher banned free milk for primary school children. But May’s policy on school lunches is about to prove worse. What’s more disturbing is that even the Democratic Unionist Party is behind this. We may soon be living in a nation which’ll rely on someone to steal from the rich snobs in order to save the poor’s lives.

Theresa, if you’re reading this, I hope you and your Tory friends are satisfied. You’ve just put nearly a million British children in poverty. We warned you of the consequences your plans would cause, but you were just too ignorant. If any children end up injuring themselves, get poorly or, worse, die, all due to the lack of food, we’ll all know who to account for this.