2018 Begins

It’s that time again when we finish an old year and enter a new year.
As many of us would think so, 2016 was a terrible year, need I say why. I have to say that although this one; 2017, has gone really quick, I found it a little better than the previous year, not brilliant.
Let’s start with the good stuff. I have experienced some good points. I have finally visited a state in America, New York. California would’ve been my first choice, but visiting New York was definitely fun. I also extended my portfolio within film/video production. Two videos which I filmed in London, one for a fashion brand, another for a music company. Speaking of which, I shall need to update my credits page soon and I’m starting a new film production business. It’ll be based in Leicester to start off with, but I do intend to extend the network in the future. And finally, I shall finish off by stating that I won an award from Seven/Five Productions; Achievement In Writing 2017. This is one of my proudest achievements.
Of course, 2017 wasn’t entirely sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. We did come across a few low events such as the UK election which resulted in the ‘hung parliament’ and we’re still having to put up with Teresa May’s shenanigans. And speaking of politics, Donald Trump is now president of the United States. He did win the vote in 2016(!), but of course, those who win don’t get elected until sometime later. In Donald’s case, he moved in the White House on January and I can’t say that he’s a decent replacement to Barack Obama, considering that he’s a loose canon and has made racist and sexist remarks, too much to say about him. We also had the Grenfell Tower disaster, which occurred when a large apartment building in London, which consisted of extremely flammable and futile materials, caught fire and killed quite a number of people.
And of course, we did come across a few celebrity deaths. These include;
John Hurt
Warren Frost
Chuck Berry
Bill Paxton
Clifton James
Roger Moore
Peter Sallis
John G Avildsen
Chris Cornell
Martin Landau
Patti Deutsch
June Foray
Glen Campbell
Benjamin Whitrow
Zig Byfield
George Young
Fats Domino
Robert Guillaume
Dudley Simpson
Karin Dor
Hans-Michael Rehberg
John Hillerman
David Cassidy
Jim Nabors
Roy Dotrice
Jerry Lewis
Bob Givens
Heather Menzies
and of course Max Clifford, who was discovered all along to be a sex offender. I know he may not be mourned, but I thought I’d mention his name anyway.
Now that 2018 has just begun, may we wish it a good one.