Let The Wars Begin!

No I ain’t referring to any civil wars or world-based wars or the war occurring in Syria. This is a catchphrase that Craig Charles would often belt out whilst presenting a game show, where robots competed and fought against each other. That show was called Robot Wars.
There was a number of game shows we watched when I was a kid. Robot Wars was without a doubt one of them. The first episode came out when I was seven. It was broadcast on Friday on BBC2 and I enjoyed it right from the start!
So it was no surprise how excited I was last year (yes, 2016!) when Robot Wars was rebooted. Plus I’ve just heard a new season’s coming out sometime this year. How will it fare compared to last year’s season? Well, as a matter of fact, last year’s season was enjoyable, but not as great as the classic era (1998-2004). It was great to see some of the house robots again; Dead Metal, Matilda, Shunt and Sir Killalot. But where’s Sergeant Bash? Bash was my favourite! It had the flame-thrower! Oh well, I’m glad they didn’t bring Refbot back. That one did sod all, but put out the fires and pointlessly count immobile robots out. And I wasn’t too keen on Mr Psycho and Growler (actually Growler was okay).
It was also great to see some newcomers and some old favourites; Behemoth, Terrorhurtz, Thermidor, Razer. Though it was a bit of a shame to see Razer eliminated from the competition so soon after pushing Kill-E-Crank in the pit and ending up in there itself. Personally, Razer’s been one of my favourites. But with that said, driving one’s own robot in the pit is a mistake anybody could make, so I shouldn’t complain. We saw a lot of that in Season 3 i.e. Cassius, Milly Ann Bug, Killerhurtz (what Terrorhurtz was originally) and Eric.
Another small nitpick I have with last season is how each heat was set up, compared to the original seasons. The 1st two seasons began with a gauntlet, then a trial competition, then the heat semi-finals; robot fights, then the heat final. From season 3 to 7, the championship took the form of a straight knockout tournament and split it into 3 rounds. Fair enough. That was easy to follow. But as for the revival series, it is a knockout tournament, but once you get to round 2, it’s like watching a football match and the robots’ progression to the heat final all depends on who gets the most points from each head-to-head battle. Er, what?
Also, Dara O’Brien’s okay as a presenter, but I don’t think he could replace Craig Charles and I sometimes wonder what Phillipa Forrester’s doing nowadays. Jonathan Pearce remains commentator, awesome!
Let’s see what the 2017 season can bring us.

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