And so begins 2016

Happy new year readers, as we leave 2015 and enter another new year, 2016.
Last year, when I wrote 2015 Begins, I explored the ups and downs of the previous year and the events and changes that occurred. I also expressed my wonder on what we might expect over the new year. I plan to do the usual as I look back on 2015 and then think about the year that’s begun.
I’m still a member of the Labour party which I joined back in 2014. I also claimed full membership for a film-making society based in Leicestershire and I got a part-time job at a high-profile conveyancing company, editing training videos. And speaking of films; last year, I worked on twelve films, including a video of a stage show, some which have still yet to be completed. Also, I’m now a fully-qualified driver.

I did experience a particularly bad start to the year though. First, I encountered blue-screen related problems with my laptop, which took 3 months to solve and I had fractured my elbow whilst cycling. This led to me having to wait hours to get my arm x-rayed, thanks to the government messing up the NHS! Thankfully, I eventually overcame them problems.

But of course, everybody else matters to 2015. As most of us know, the Conservative party won the general election and I personally am still not happy about the final result. A couple of my mates had thought about voting for UKIP, one of them quoting that they “wanted to see how much harm they would do to the UK”. I didn’t vote UKIP, because I didn’t trust Nigel Farage after hearing that filth he said during the live debate.

As for around the world; France, in particular, had faced some terrorist attacks, including one in Paris, committed by ISIS. This led to the debate whether Great Britain should launch air-strikes, an idea which many people, including myself, objected to. But the objections were ignored and the air-strikes began early December and are still continuing. This is one of the reasons why I was and still am furious about the election’s final result and I predict that the Conservative’s reckless actions could have the same impact as the events that led to the 7/7 attacks. I can understand why France and Belgium cancelled the new year celebrations, due to the predicted terrorist attacks, which they didn’t receive in the end and I’m thankful that they’re okay. Though I express my sympathy to those affected by the skyscraper fire in Dubai.

Speaking of the Labour party, we lost Ed Miliband as leader. He didn’t die, he just resigned if you get what I mean. We now have Jeremy Corbyn and I have to say he’s a very inspirational person and I believe he can bring the old Labour back. I absolutely relate to his policies.

We’ve also lost a chunk of famous people to different kinds of deaths;

Cilla Black, Leonard Nimoy, Lemmy, Sam Simon, Rod Taylor, Errol Brown, Maureen O’Hara, Khan Bonfils, Christopher Lee, Nicolas Smith, Barrie Ingham, Ron Moody, Susan Sheridan, Terry Prachett, Daniel Von Bargen, James Best, Ben E King, Nigel Terry, BB King, Krzysztof Kąkolewski, James Last, James Horner, Leonard Starr, Irwin Keyes, Omar Shariff, Alex Rocco, Aubrey Morris, Wes Craven, Dean Jones, Rico Rodriguez, John Bradbury, Melissa Mathison, Phil Taylor, Warren Mitchell, Shirley Stelfox, Natalie Cole,…

Too many to name.

So yeah, 2015 was an average year. I wonder how 2016 will compare and whether the Conservatives will realise how idiotic they were.


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