Syria in Shatters

Most of you have probably heard the recent news that David Cameron has won his chances to bomb Syria. This follows the events in Paris when ISIS carried an attack during a gig performed by Eagles Of Death Metal. The death toll rate in the venue was 89. This event shocked a lot of us, including myself, and prompted a debate whether or not Britain should arrange an air strike against Syria. There were many people against the idea, even protests were arranged, one outside the clock tower in Leicester. I can honestly say I was one of those people who was against that idea. And now that Britain has started their attacks on Syria, I can quite frankly say how appalled I am of this situation.

I’m not a journalist and I always try to make clear that I’m unafraid to voice my opinions. At first, when I heard that Cameron planned an air strike against Syria, I was unsure what to think. But then I heard Jeremy Corbyn stating his reasons against attacking Syria. This made me think really hard and I knew Corbyn had a very valid point. The reason why I hoped for the ‘no’ vote on the air strike against Syria was because I remembered Tony Blair’s futile and reckless mission to seek the weapons of ‘mass-destruction’ back in the early noughties, which led to the 7/7 attacks in London and had a feeling that this event would lead the same impact. First of all, the Conservatives don’t even know where ISIS’s headquarters are, and second, those who are members of ISIS are likely to be scattered all over the place. None of them are likely to be wearing badges labelled ‘ISIS’. How the hell can Cameron assume that all the terrorists are based in Syria? I apologise for my language, but Cameron’s plans disgust me. For those reasons, I just know that Britain is just going to end up killing any innocent Syrians who are not members of ISIS. Most of us are upset about what ISIS have done last month and I personally don’t approve of the death toll they carried out. I also wouldn’t want to get involved with the organisation myself, for they are nothing, but discriminative people towards other religions. I’ve said this before in one of my previous blog posts, My Views On Religions; I accept all religions, but I don’t like it when they start fighting against each other. I do want ISIS to end their acts on terror, but Cameron’s bombings won’t improve anything. They’ll just make things worse. Even Tony Blair knew the risks when he got involved with the Iraq war.

And yet what appals me further is the various statements Cameron has made in response to those who oppose the Syrian air-strikes, i.e. myself and Jeremy Corbyn. One statement he made is; “Russia’s bombing campaign in Syria will lead to further radicalisation and increased terrorism (4/10/2015). And yet, he’s talking about sending his troops to do some the action? That stupid hypocrite! The next statement I hear from him is; Those against Syrian bombings are ‘terrorist sympathisers’. This is absolutely absurd! From what I’ve just said, do you think I’m a terrorist sympathiser? Would you assume that the fact I express my concern for those who are having nothing to do with ISIS makes me a terrorist sympathiser? Cameron can say that term right to my face, but yet he’s terrorising Syria. I care what happens to any innocents who get killed as a result of Cameron’s predictably reckless attacks and what will happen next as a result. Those who aren’t members of ISIS may eventually declare war on Britain. How would Cameron like it that way? Well neither would any of the non-ISIS members in Syria.

Speaking about Tony Blair earlier on, I’m a member of the Labour party and I know Tony Blair was as well. But I do wish he didn’t go with this business on the weapons of mass destruction. To be fair, he wasn’t exactly the best leader for Labour standards. His leadership kind of destroyed the left-wing standards. Gordon Brown and Ed Milliband were improvements compared to Blair, but now that we have Jeremy Corbyn as the new leader, things are much more improved among the party. I may have drifted from the subject of the air-strikes against Syria, but I just wanted to mention what I thought of Tony Blair, because I did compare his actions with Iraq to David Cameron’s air-strikes against Syria.

What you’ve just read may seem like an angry outburst and I realise some of you readers may have felt uncomfortable reading this post, but being a lefty, I felt I should express my opinions. I really am praying for the soldiers who were sent to carry out the air strikes, but I mostly pray for any innocent civilians who happen to fall victim of any careless bombings.

David, if you’re reading this, I stand by for what I’ve just written. You’ve created an appalling situation which is about to get worse. Think about it, innocent people are going to die as a result to your attacks. I’m as upset about ISIS as you are, but you ain’t going to find their headquarters. Think of any of the non-ISIS members who fall victim. Please, please, please, look into your heart.


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