The Jock & The Chav [under development]

The Jock & The Chav is an upcoming sports-related short comedy film, which will be released 2015/2016 and produced and directed by Jon Ellison (myself). The film references the fighting-based video games mainly from the nineties and is currently under-development.


Brad Dudonum, a muscle-headed martial arts expert must face the power of speech from Charlie Green, an urban hooligan, during a street fighting tournament.



Brad Dudonum (the Jock) – Brad is an American lone professional martial artist, who has insomnia. He spends most of his time video gaming, body-building and entering street fighting tournaments. He comes from a middle-class family background and due to the fact he is ‘muscle-headed’, he rarely understands 21st Century conversation. His goal is to rid his frustrations and make a fortune through his fights.

Charlie Green (the Chav) – Charlie is an English unemployed street hooligan. He was expelled at the age of fifteen for constant nasty arguments with the teachers and for once getting caught smoking marijuana in the school gymnasium. Apart from smoking, he enjoys drinking and spending time with violent gangs. He often speaks in 21st Century street dialect, using such terms as ‘brap’, ‘bang you out’ and ‘izzit’.


The Jock & The Chav was inspired by a dream I once had, which I was not in. It featured a young adult strolling through a corridor, only to encounter a street kid. At the same time, a neon sign flashed ‘Chav Alert’. Music was playing in the background and consisted of only one note using two octaves. As the ‘chav’ neared the protagonist, the music got tenser. This dream led to a drafted script.

The film is also inspired by the fighting-based video games I played when I was a kid, such as Street Fighter, Streets Of Rage, Tekken and the WWF series. During the fighting scene, I intend to use life gauges, which each represent a fighter’s life. In the Street Fighter games, both opposing fighters use life gauges to demonstrate how much body pain they received and how much life they have left. Charlie Green’s power of speech in particular is inspired by the Street Fighters special attacks, i.e. Guile’s ‘Sonic Booms’, E. Honda’s ‘Hundred Hand Slap’ and Blanka’s use of electricity. Another source of inspiration comes from Lisa’s powerful saxophone playing in the negatively-reviewed Simpsons Wrestling game. Brad Dudonum, on the other hand, shares similarities to Axel Stone (Streets Of Rage) and Ryu (Street Fighter), but also film characters, such as Rocky Balboa, the narrator from Fight Club and most characters portrayed by Bruce Willis.

The term ‘jock’ originated back in the early 1960s when it was derived from the term ‘jockstrap’, a piece of clothing used to guard male genitals while the male was playing sports. Since then, it was used to describe someone who is muscular and energetic, but unintelligent and unable to carry out conversation that doesn’t relate to exercise or sex. Other terms that relate to the jock include ‘meathead’, ‘musclebrain’ and ‘musclehead’.

Chav culture relates mainly to anti-social youth subculture of the United Kingdom. The term was an abbreviation for someone described as Council Housed And Violent. Most ‘chavs’ tend to wear sports-gear consisting of hoodies, baseball caps and/or tracksuits. Examples of fictional chavs include Vicky Pollard from Little Britain and Eggsy from the recent film Kingsmen: The Secret Service.

Charlie’s use of ‘chav’ dilect not only parodies the ‘special attacks’ from the Street Fighter franchise, but relates to the fact that he is literally using the power of speech to fight back against Brad. This element provides a double-meaning. Brad is dedicated to his martial arts skills and being a jock, doesn’t understand what Charlie is stating, nor does he understand how the speech could strike him.


The shooting will take place in the Leicester City Centre, in the Midlands of England. Dates are due to be confirmed.


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