The 2015 Election leads to Disaster

So who’s won this year’s general election? The answer may disappoint you. it certainly disappointed me.

The Conservative Party.

After posting the following blog Less Than A Week Till The General Election about a week ago, I was getting really hyped up for Labour to win. So readers can probably imagine how disappointed I feel after hearing the news that the Tories have won. It’s five years since the Tories pushed Labour out of 10 Downing Street and now we’re to face another five years under their power, another five years of torture, another five years of disaster.

But what if the five years never end? What good have the Conservatives ever done for us? Okay, I admit the crisis occurred when Tony Blair was prime minister and he was involved in the Iraq war. But it doesn’t mean Ed Miliband was going to intimidate him, does it. Labour invented the National Health Service and they were extremely careful to it compared to the Tories. Sure we were in a financial mess before David Cameron took the PM’s seat, but the Conservatives just make things worse. They provide us insane promises ‘oh we promise a better health service’, b**ls**t! Staff members were reduced, opening hours were reduced, long queues, pessimism for patients to be cured, I remember earlier this year when I had an accident on my bike and sprained my arm, I was forced to wait an hour until I had the arm x-rayed. Plus the medical centre was full of bureaucrats. I’m serious. I came to particular rooms and receptionists were like ‘you need to go to such and such’. It’s a miracle I had it sorted in the end. But yet, I think of other patients who have to put up with this kind of bureaucracy and the thought of waiting so long for important and emergency check ups. I’ve said all about the NHS in the previous blog. There are other reasons why Labour are better than the Conservatives.

Another thing terrible we’ve experienced is the fact that the college fees for students were raised at a totally ridiculous price. £9000? Who in the world could afford that? Labour intended to bring the fees down to £6000. This is a more reasonable price compared to £9000. And they intended to abolish zero-hour contracts. Now that the Tories have won this round, these may not happen and I cannot live through zero-hour contracts. Nobody in the world could earn a proper living through zero-hour contracts.

This morning, I’ve read comments on Facebook expressing the disgust within the final result and I for one agree with them.

Cameron, if you’re reading this, I hope you’re satisfied. We’re about to suffer another five years of torture, because of you. So go ahead and laugh. But if the NHS plunges to a permanently apocalyptic world and all the college students start living in poverty and more riots occur, we’ll all know who’s responsible.


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