Less Than a Week till the General Election!

Miliband and Cameron

As most of you in the United Kingdom know, the general election will take place on Thursday 7th May. Well today is Saturday 2nd, so there’s just about five days to go. Five days till the local polling stations open. Then after the polls close, we find out the result. So who will win? Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, the Green Party, (sighs) UKIP(!), The Scottish National Party (SNP for short), or the Democratic Unionist Party.
Personally, I’m rooting for Labour to win. For one thing and as most of you know, I have been a lefty for most of my life, as explored in one of my blogs (Why I Am Proud To Be A Lefty). Secondly, probably not many of you know that I am a member of the Labour party and have obtained membership to the party ever since I permanently finished my full-time education. When I was at college in Northampton, I was a member of a Labour-based society. After watching the political debate on ITV, I was really impressed with what Ed Miliband said. I was especially delighted to hear that he plans to improve things for young people. First he plans to lower the college fees from nine thousand down to six thousand. I was hoping for three thousand, but six thousand is certainly more reasonable compared to nine thousand. He also plans to abolish the bedroom tax and zero-hours contracts. This got me really invested, because most of my past jobs had zero hours and no routine-based schedules. I had suffered from receiving short notices and let downs from particular agencies including a catering-based company which I resigned from due to disagreements.
Speaking of college fees, this is especially why I’m avoiding the Conservatives. My university years suffered through their government. Although this didn’t affect me due to the fact I began university a year before the fee rise occurred, I felt really bad for the newer students. I’m unafraid to say that I’m still disgusted with David Cameron for raising the fees from the reasonable enough three thousand to the ridiculous nine thousand quid amount. No student in the world could afford that! I also hate what the Tories did to the National Health Service and that they introduced the Bedroom Tax, which even put disabled people’s lives at risk. David Cameron cared for one of his kids who had cerebral palsy. How would he have liked it if we made Ivan Cameron pay for that awful tax?
I probably haven’t said very much, but I will leave you some links to my following YouTube videos which represent my representation to Labour. One of them is a couple of songs I wrote;


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