2015 begins

The new year, 2015, has arrived today. Now that 2014 is over, what can we possibly expect for us to occur on 2015? This is why I shall briefly look back on 2014 and analyse what events we encountered

To me, 2014 has been quite an average year for myself and probably for many other people as well. We did lose quite a lot of high-profile celebrities to various different deaths. These include;

Phil Everly

Roger Lloyd Pack

Hal Sutherland (Filmation’s last living founder member)

Clarissa Dickson Wright

Mickey Rooney

Peaches Geldof

Sue Townsend

Bob Hoskins

Rik Mayall

Francis Matthews (the voice of Captain Scarlet)

Casey Kasem

Horace Silver

Eli Wallach

Dickie Jones (the last remaining voice cast of Pinocchio)

Tommy Ramone (the last of the Ramones)

James Garner

Robin Williams

Richard Attenborough

Joan Rivers

Richard Kiel

John Bardon

Alvin Stardust

Jack Bruce

Acker Bilk

Glen A Larson

Mike Nichols

PD James

Joe Cocker

Some to mention.

I had also lost a first cousin once removed sometime during the summer. He was actually one of my parents’ cousins. I won’t give names in case people want to keep a lower profile.

Also, some of you may have heard that Rolf Harris and Dave Lee Travis had been convicted of sexual crimes. I was especially surprised that Rolf Harris was one of them, because I had known and enjoyed his music since I was a kid. Plus I remember watching the TV programmes he presented i.e. Rolf on Art. I shall say no more.

As for events occurring worldwide, most of you are probably aware that the Ebola virus has become more common. Ebola is a virus which causes haemorrhagic fever in humans and other living things. Over 20,000 people have been infected, with 7,905 deaths to follow. Most of the causes occurred in Africa, but recently, even a British woman was affected. This is why I thank Bob Geldof for his re-recording of Do They Know It’s Christmas in aid of those with Ebola. If sales continue, there maybe a chance of curing the victims.

Yesterday night, what was supposed to be an joyful and eventful night did not turn out to be a happy one for those living in Shangai, China. There was a large crowd of people on a stairway to a platform over a river, some were climbing up to the platform and some were trying to get down, eventually leading to a stampede resulting in 36 deaths. I personally had a good night last night, but I do feel sorry for those who did not.

But 2014 hasn’t been all bad. I mean there was the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia and the Fifa World Cup took place in Brazil and was won by Germany. I was also thrilled to hear of the Rosetta spacecraft’s landing on Comet 67P; and can you believe it is also the first time a spaceship has ever landed on such an object?

I of course experienced a few ups and downs; I completed my three years at Northampton University with a 2.1 Degree in BA Media Production and a merit in HND Digital Film-Making. I have also joined a few societies; one being a film-making group and I claimed membership for the Labour Party. I am still seeking a permanent job in the film industry, but I will not give up the dream. After all, it is important to believe that one can do anything if one just puts the mind to it.

So, what can 2015 bring to us? I hear the next UK general election is coming. Who will win?


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