The Coils Of A Blue Snake [2009]

The Coils Of A Blue Snake was the first stop-motion film I worked on. I had always expressed interest in stop-motion and am especially a huge fan of Aardman Animations and their works; Wallace & Gromit, Creature Comforts, Morph and so forth. Aardman had left an impact on me since childhood.

So one day, I decided to follow Aardman’s footsteps and began production. It started on 19th November 2009 when I formed a snake out of blue tac and coiled it up. Then I used the simple technique which involves moving the model into a particular position and photographing the image each time.

The synopsis involved the ‘snake’ uncoiling itself, performing a short sway and escaping from the screen to avoid a large human finger threatening to squash it.

Next, I uploaded the images onto my memory stick. During a lecture at my college, I uploaded the images onto Windows Movie Maker and trimmed each image down to shorten the images’ motion and to achieve the 24-frames per second technique. The titles and closing credits were also created using Windows Movie Maker.


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