The 11/30 March in Northampton [2011]

As part of an assignment for my university course, our goal was to produce a two-minute fly-on-the-wall documentary. The topic was our own choice. However the idea was eventually dropped, but I still insisted on making this documentary. This was because meanwhile, at the time, I was a member of the Socialist party and various regions around the United Kingdom arranged a local protest in response to the pension cuts.

The Socialist party were to be involved in the march and I saw this as an opportunity to film the event due to occur on 30th November and use the filmed footage to create the two-minute documentary. My fellow party members gave me permission to film the event. All I needed to do was to ensure those involved in the march pretended I was not present and to film various parts of the events, so I would end up with enough footage to demonstrate what the event included. These included the march itself and the speeches made.

Editing the footage down to two minutes proved to be quite a challenging experience. Editing the speeches was especially hard, because I needed to listen to any pauses in-between the sentences spoken, to avoid too many jerky sound effects through the next shots. I used Final Cut Pro to edit the entire footage. Because this is a fly-on-the-wall documentary, the process mainly involved trimming down the shots and adding titles. I left the audio alone, because I felt that once I edited the audio, the audio would disrupt the documentary’s codes and conventions. Also, because the march was operating as scheduled, I would have been unable to direct the protesters; i.e. instruct actions and dialogue.

This is the extended version;

This is the two-minute edit;

This is the two-minute edit;


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