Jurassic Park 3

Hello, this is Jon Ellison and welcome to my first film review on WordPress. I’ve written reviews on IMDB and there are reviews on this site, but this is my first individual review.
Last Sunday, I was watching Jurassic Park 3 with my brother whilst gouging on our dinner. This was the first time I saw the third installment to Steven Spielberg’s famous blockbuster in a few years and, while I don’t think it’s better than the first one, it’s better than I remember it.
Jurassic Park is one of my favourite movies of all time. I have long obtained an obsession with the movie since childhood. I love the storyline, I love how the sound plays its part (i.e when Tim hides from the raptors under hanging spoons; a spoon falls to the ground and its crash attracts the raptors’ attention), I love the humour and characters and of course visuals. Out of many films containing CGI effects, Jurassic Park obtains the most realistic look I’ve ever seen. But we ain’t talking about this one. We’re talking about Jurassic Park 3.
I didn’t see JP3 when it came out at the cinema. I wanted to, because I’m such a huge fan of Jurassic Park, but we didn’t get round to it. A year later, one of my neighbours, who used to child-mind me, owned a DVD copy and thus began my first viewing of the film. My god, I loved it! I have to admit it ain’t brilliant, but we’ll get to that later.
The film begins near, Isla Sorna, a remote tropical island where tourists Eric Kirby and Ben Hildebrand are parasailing, but end up stranded when their boat crew is killed by an unseen species of dinosaur. Meanwhile, Dr. Alan Grant, who you may remember from JP1, is seeking funds for his research. He has become famous for the experiences and near investments on John Hammond’s first dinosaur-themed park. He reluctantly accepts a mission to Isla Sorna, considering an offer from Eric’s parents that they will make if he gives them a tour. Once they arrive, Dr. Grant discovers the betrayal; Paul and Amanda are only here to rescue their son. It is too late for objections when their plane is ambushed by a hungry Spinosaurus, leaving the crew stranded on the island.
And so the synopsis is simple; a crew, including a scientist and a wealthy mother and father, end up stranded on a dinosaur-populated island and must find a way to save the kid and escape the island. It’s kind of like Jurassic Park 1, except with much less architecture and the island is more like a dinosaur sanctuary than a DNA generation zoo. JP3 does have a reasonably small cast, which is what made the first film so great. There’s Alan Grant and there’s Ellie Sattler, both from the first film. Plus, there weren’t too many locations (another comparison to the first one), unlike The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Yeah that’s the second one, I just thought I’d say so in case anybody asks. With so many locations, JP2 was fairly hard to keep up with. Having said that, the dino-action was still fun to watch and that was the film I saw at the pictures. Yeah I’m sorry, that was irrelevant. But I just wanted to say so anyway.
Speaking about the dinosaurs and visual effects, this is one of the elements that brings JP3 down a bit. Sure, the effects can’t be anywhere near worse than on the Garfield live-action movies, yeeeugh! But some of the dinosaurs look a bit more like some of the creatures from Dreamworks’ CGI-animated movies, like the dragon from Shrek. Not that Shrek’s bad, because it ain’t, but JP3 is so live-action, not animated. But not all the effects are bad. The spinosaurus is fine, as it the famous T.Rex. Joe Johnson could’ve done a bit more work with the raptor’s growls though.
Also, the dialogue is a little cliched. It’s like seeing a live-action version of an animated feature made by Filmation. There’s a chance you would forget how some of it sounds, but there’s repeated lines i.e. “that’s a bad idea” and “Let’s go home”. I won’t give away too much detail, but it’s not as cleanly structured compared to the first film.
What do I like? Well, I like the theory Grant susses out when he comes across a bone which he can use to communicate with the raptors. Some of the plot points i.e. this one are awesome, The small cast, the laid back use of location, I already explained. I even like how they recaptured some of the humour from previous movies; the scene where Amanda uses her megaphone to call for Eric and Ben somehow cracks me up.
Some people hate this movie, but I can’t hate it at all. JP3 is a guilty pleasure for me. Somewhere in/near the same boat as Plan 9 From Outer Space and other B-movies. Is it as awesome as JP1? Well no. But I like this one better than the second one. I don’t hate any of the films. If you’re familiar with Jurassic Park, I’d give this film a viewing. If not, I’d suggest you start with the first one, then the second, then the third.
I wonder what Jurassic Park 4 will be like.


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