If I Was A Contestant On Room 101

It’s easy to know what things you dislike, but you have to think; “Why don’t I like this/that?” and figure out the answer. Otherwise, what’s the point of hating the item/media product/place/other things? Some people have demonstrated their reasons for hatred on Room 101.

For those of you that don’t know, Room 101 is a British TV show made by the British Broadcasting Corporation. The programme was made for the guests to express their dislikes about three certain things, each. The programme was first presented by Nick Hancock, then Paul Merton, now Frank Skinner and it continues to run.

I have always imagined myself appearing on Room 101 myself, but all the guests were celebrities, so you had to be a celebrity to appear on the show. It’s kind of a shame, because I despise keeping all opinions to myself as I feel that it is not very sociable. Okay, maybe being negative isn’t very sociable neither, because it could lead to loosing respect from certain people. But as I demonstrate my opinions, I’ll try to be as positive as possible.

So here are some of the following three things I dislike. I have to narrow it down to three to keep this post short and sweet;

  1. McDonalds restaurants.

I have to admit, even when I was a kid, I have never been a fan of this company. It’s not that I don’t like fast food. I don’t dislike chips or burgers or fish fingers and what not. It’s how McDonalds makes the food that I don’t like. If you compare their burgers to, say, the burgers from Burger King, Burger King has produced good quality burgers; nice taste, reasonable shape. The burgers in McDonalds feel minuscule when you pick them up with your hands and they’re over-greasy. Even the top bun feels soggy. The chips are fine, the hot drinks are fine, but each time I pick up a burger, I feel like it’ll slip out of my hands.

Speaking of quality, another thing I don’t like about McDonalds is the hygiene within the whole restaurant. Yet, this is also the good reason why the food is rather cheap. Not only does the food lack quality, but I heard that dirty food products are still used. A college friend of mine told me that he used to work in McDonalds and that each time a food product falls on the floor, it still gets used. It’s no wonder customers get McDonalds poisoning.

And here are a few minor things what I don’t like about McDonalds. The Happy Meals. Yeah I know, they’re meant for kids, but they seem to come with pretty lousy toys, which even if I was a kid, I doubt I would be playing with them later. Also, I’m not fond of the adverts. The way each advert ends (ba-da-ba-baa, I’m loving it) irritates me. It sounds like it’s sung by a snooty young person who is trying to please person by pretending she’s a pop star; “ooh look at me, I’m brilliant / don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me”. I am of course aware that the singing has been replaced by whistling, but the “I’m lovin’ it” line which is subtitled is still so big-headed. It’s like a whole restaurant is showing off, saying “I’m the best restaurant in the world”. My response would be “yeah right!”

2. Coldplay

I said before that I am a left-winger and am proud to be one. Coldplay are also a left-wing band, so why don’t I like them like most people do? Well, as much as I admire their politics, there’s one word which sums up my thoughts on their music; boring. Actually I take it back, Clocks is great, The Scientist is fine, but the majority of their songs can’t seem to uplift my spirit. Speed of Sound, not my cup of tea. It’s the way the music sounds that I don’t like. To me, it sounds like an orchestral lullaby with lackluster lyrics. It makes me feel like I want to sleep through some domestic job I am doing.

Another thing is, being that Coldplay are one of the most popular bands in music history, I can only remember very few songs, hence the two songs from A Rush Of Blood To The Head. But Clocks and The Scientist are the only ones from that album I can remember off by heart, plus Speed Of Sound out of the rest of the band’s discography. To cut a long story short, most of Coldplay’s material are pretty forgettable. Their music doesn’t invest me enough to want to listen to their music again. Clocks and The Scientist, probably, but Speed Of Sound, not for me. The lyrics may be fine, but their music doesn’t help. They’re not the worst of all bands, but personally, I’d give Coldplay a pass.

3. Baz Luhrmann

If there’s one film director whose films I loathe, it’s Baz Luhrmann. I’ve seen Romeo ‘plus’ Juliet, I’ve seen Moulin Rouge, I’ve seen Australia, neither of these movies keep me invested whatsoever. Well, Australia was alright when I first saw it, but I can’t remember very much about it. I can certainly remember a lot about the other two films of which memories keep flooding back.

Romeo & Juliet is one of my least favourite movies of all time. The reason is because of the film’s whole layout. A modernised version of a Shakespearean play sounded like a promising idea. But when you look at it, it’s very clumsily scripted and frankly, not very original. Although the producers had modernized the props, costumes and settings, they kept the original Shakespearean dialogue. Frankly, they do not gel up. Take the opening scene for example; this is the fight between the young Montagues and Capulets; Gregory, Sampson, Abram, Benvolio, Tybalt, you name it. There is too much laughing, immature acting and I hate how Benvolio says “Put up your swords” when technically, they are using guns. I happen to know the difference between a gun and a sword. I’m not stupid. There are random shots of Sampson being kicked in the head and him shooting the sign in the gas station. It is not very cleanly choreographed. Another thing about this film is that it relies too much on the cinematography. The editing in-between scenes is too quick and there’s too many pointless zoom-outs. It’s like; “where the hell did this come from?” And it makes it so obvious that it’s a modernized version of a Shakespearean play. It’s like “Oh look, helicopter,” “oh look, apartment buildings,” “oh listen to this rock music”. Get over it! In short, I hate the acting, I hate the melodrama, I hate the editing, I hate the choreography and most of all, I hate the scripting.

As for Moulin Rouge, it’s a little better than Romeo & Juliet, but still nowhere near that good. There’s still the over-melodrama; I’ve seen Ewan McGregor in better films i.e. Trainspotting and Black Hawk Down, as goes for Nicole Kidman. I don’t care if Moulin Rouge stars high profile actors. It’s still not enough to save the film. It’s too over-melodramatic and the soundtrack is very badly structured. Just because there are pop songs in the soundtrack, doesn’t make it brilliant. It’s like the actors are running out of ideas for songs to sing each time they finish a bit of one. I’ve heard their version of Roxanne and I hated it. It’s so forgettable, compared to the Police version. And I hated Spectacular Spectacular – the lyrics destroyed my spirit of Can-Can. The film would’ve been better, had it not relied so much on the soundtrack and the bad acting.

I’m sorry, but I’ve seen works from better directors. Baz Luhrmann will never be my favourite. I’ve never seen Strictly Ballroom nor the Great Gatesby and I don’t have much intention to see them.

And here are some others I would’ve mentioned had I not filled up the three choice limit; Marijuana, Hey Jude, right-wing parties, the Hannibal franchise, teen programmes…


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