My Views on Religions

Several weeks ago, I viewed this news article about an Islamic woman whose father and brother murdered her, just because she married a Christian man. I was really disgusted about it and thinking “what the hell is so wrong with these people”, which I was referring to the father and brother. Sometimes I think people take particular religions so deadly seriously that they become treated like they’re part of the law or use it as an excuse to do bad things. And this is the topic I intend to argue for this blog.

Although I consider myself an agnostic, some of my older descendants came from a Christian background. As a rather early age kid, I was a bit of a dumbass about religion; my early experiences of religion came from the time we learned about the Christmas origin and the birth of Jesus. Each Christmas time, I heard people singing carols and somehow, I used to confuse Jesus with the genie from Aladdin. This was probably because the Disney version came out when I was two years old and its apparent success led to a TV spin-off which me and my brother used to watch. My family never attended church services, except for special occasions i.e. weddings, but we had contributed to a bit of Christianity now and then. For instance, we have always celebrated Christmas and Easter each year, because we, like many people, feel that there should definitely be occasions that involve sharing and caring and what not. Of course we are not the selfish kind, but it doesn’t exactly mean we have to be religious.

Between my years as an elementary school student and as a junior high student, one of the subjects we were taught was Religious Education (RE for short). I would’ve thought I learned about decency and so forth, but it was basically about God and different religions – general knowledge. I did not get the chance to learn RE as a GCSE student, due to my ‘special needs’. Things certainly got hairy when it turned out we all had to do the exam. If we got to go to the lectures, we would’ve struggled less with the exam, and that’s exactly what I did. I’m quite glad I didn’t have RE lessons at Longslade, because I probably would’ve been brainwashed to act like a maniac in regards to religion. Whilst at middle-school, I debated with myself whether I believed or did not believe in God and my thoughts still remain. For one thing, it is said that God lives in the sky where ‘heaven’ is located. I never saw God, not even during airplane journeys from country-to-country. Another thing, people always assume that God is a man. How do we know it’s a man? We never see him or indeed, it. God could be a woman. Sometimes I also wonder if God could be another term for science, like if it was an acronym of some sort. The reason is because certain people say God created such and such, but I personally believe the elements i.e. the volcanoes, sea and wildlife created themselves through a scientific form, hence the Big Bang. I can’t give all the details for the sake of keeping this blog as short as possible, but I also want to add that when I read parts of Genesis, I remember feeling disappointed to not find any information about dinosaurs, because they were an important part of the earth’s origin and civilization. And to me, it would’ve logically taken longer than seven days for earth to develop.

There’s one thing that personally ticks me off. Why do we live in a nation with so many different and, worse, separate religions? This often leads to creating new enemies with one another. Mahatma Gandhi had the right idea to protest when the Hindus and Muslins fought. This shows that just because they have different beliefs, it doesn’t mean they can’t co-operate. And nobody can forget the holocaust during World War 2; many Jews were being punished, only because the Nazis accused them of the decrease in employment, which is really stupid, because what has religion got to do with anything? Luckily Oskar Schindler saved them, because even he knows that religions can’t hurt. When will people learn that in the end, they’re just harmless religions? One’s religion does not depend on one’s looks. It’s all about one’s beliefs and philosophies.

Speaking of religion and looks, how can one tell whether one is Jewish or Sikh or Hindu? Well I suppose what they wear provides the hint. For instance, koras are usually worn by Sikhs around their wrists. I know a few friends of mine who are Sikh and one of them wore one of those wrist koras. But just because a Hindu has a red bindu on his/her forehead, does it really mean that he/she has to remain Hindu? A Christian with a cross symbol tattooed on his/her chin may eventually convert to Judaism. Guy Fawkes was born a protestant, but he soon converted to Catholicism. Some people change religions and that happens all the time. There was even that Simpsons episode (She Of Little Faith, it was called) where Lisa became part-Buddhist when Mr Burns literally commercialized the church. It’s because it’s people’s choices whatever religion they want to be. As I said before, nobody can automatically assume that one is a particular religion just by their looks.

Relating back to the news article, killing your own family member, just because she married a guy from a different religion? I thought killing your own family was considered a sin. In fact, I thought to murder anybody was a sin! Isn’t the sixth commandment ‘Thou shalt not murder’? I know this relates to both Christianity and Judaism, but it ought to relate to all religions, because murder has long been against the law. All murder is is just a violation to a human right. Even the police wouldn’t care if one married another religion. It’s only a human, it’s not like you’re going to go to jail or even to hell for it. Esmeralda from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame once said “I thought we all were the children of God”. This means that since evolution, we have all been related. Even Mahatma Gandhi said that “we’re all brothers”. Surely God would endorse religions partnering other religions. But murder; one would definitely go to jail for. The father and brother are the ones who should be punished. They committed the bigger sin. Sometimes, I just don’t know what religion is any more.

Although I seem to be losing touch with religion, hence the murder over joint religion marriage, I don’t mind religions. I don’t mind if my family or friends follow a specific religion. However, I really do hope that the Christians, the Jews, the Hindus, the Sikhs, the Islamics, the Buddhists, the Catholics, the Protestants and so forth will co-operate with one another and tolerate each other. This way, chaos, i.e. the murder, would not ensue.


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