My Thoughts On The Beatles

The Beatles are one of the bands that are included in my personal top 20 list of bands. The reason is not because of their popularity or the fact that they have so many UK number one albums and singles (you’d have to be a real imbecile to reject any musician just because they lack these things) or even their personality. It’s because of their music, how they compose it, their use of inspiration and sometimes their subject matter. The Beatles are also quite good actors; I’ve seen A Hard Day’s Night, Help and Yellow Submarine. Most of the dialogue in A Hard Day’s Night is (or sounds) improvised and is partially based on the boys’ lives outside of rehearsals. Yellow Submarine is one of the best animated films I’ve seen and uses a splendid blend of surrealism marking an important part to the plot. I’ve also seen every Simpsons episode with the Beatles lending their guest voices, obviously except for John Lennon, who died way before the series. It’s no wonder the Beatles were so popular. Even the vultures from the Jungle Book referenced them.

My favourite song is I Want To Hold Your Hand. The song always put a smile to my face. It is very well sung and has just the right tempo of music. Most of their other songs rock the world, like; Paperback Writer, Revolution (which covers one of my favourite subject matters), Can’t Buy Me Love, only a few of their songs are boring. Hey Jude especially, the ending goes on and on and fails to get me in the groove. It’s like ‘will this song ever end?’

I shall now talk about the guys individually starting with John Lennon;

John Lennon has an incredible voice which I most notably admire during Can’t Buy Me Love when he screams ‘Owww!’. I recognized him more with his glasses, the elements that helped to avoid confusion with the other members. During general conversations, he is rather lazy through his speaking, which is where I’m guessing the producers of the Young Ones got the idea from for their creation of Neil (‘heavy’) and of course Dizzy the vulture from The Jungle Book who says without expression ‘very funny’, lol. After the Beatles split, I hadn’t heard much of John’s stuff compared with Paul. I liked Imagine, Working Class Hero, Jealous Guy and Woman, but I find the Christmas song a bit boring and overrated. It seemed promising that it displays a political message, but the melody’s rather dreary and lazy. There isn’t much excitement to it. I didn’t hear Working Class Hero until I was probably about 18. I’m not surprised the song was never played on the radio, due to the swearing it had. I never imagined John saying such words, especially the f word. I heard a rumour he used particular music without permission from the copyright holders and that he was a bit of a hypocrite. Still I think it was unfair of that imbecile to shoot him for no good reason.

Ringo is one of them lads who would make us laugh. In them films he did with the other three, he was always the one getting into trouble. In A Hard Day’s Night, he gets arrested by the cops, in Yellow Submarine, he ejects himself out of the sub for fiddling with the control panel. He’s written quite a few songs with the Beatles. At the moment, I can recall Octopus’ Garden (a cool tune), oh and he did sing lead vocals, but not write With A Little Help From My Friends.
As for his stuff outside the band, I had a listen to his solo songs and they’re really good; songs like The No-No Song, Photograph, Oh My My and Back Off Boogaloo. He’s been in a few good films and has a beautiful wife Barbara Bach aka the Bong Girl from the Spy Who Loved Me (one of my favourite James Bond movies), but there’s one thing that irritates me. I hear people rabbiting on about the time he narrated Thomas The Tank Engine. Yes I admit I watched it, but I deny being a fan. Top points; Ringo made no mistakes (probably reading from a sheet of paper during narration) and had a clear voice. I was pretty impressed with the cinematography and I liked the color scheme, but I hated the music and I hated the character representations. Too many repeated lines, and phrases i.e. ‘number one comes first’, ‘blue’s the only proper color for a train’, ‘railway’s faster than road’. All Thomas The Tank Engine does is influence children to speak in an irritating tone and behave like hypocrites. Thank God Ringo quit after the first series (apparently). That’s what was said on Rock Profile, bearing in mind that’s a comedy mickey-take. I’d rather hear him on that Simpsons episode than voicing a bunch of annoying and hypocritical trains.
I only just knew Ringo was a vegetarian a few days ago. Apparently because he had stomach pains caused by meat.
I so wanna buy Ringo’s latest album.

Paul is probably the most popular surviving member of The Beatles. He and John seemed to have written the most songs, mainly together, out of the other guys. The only songs he wrote without John I know of, were written outside the Beatles. As for his solo efforts, I’m more familiar with his than I am with John’s. I preferred him in the Beatles personally than as a solo artist. However my favourite solo song of his is Live & Let Die. Gee, it’s like The Beatles have a strong association with James Bond. Recently I heard that song he did with Ringo. I always knew them two would reunite.
I had absolutely no idea Paul was a vegetarian until I watched that Simpsons episode ‘Lisa The Vegetarian’. I am a bit frustrated with the apparent reason; he gave up meat after watching Bambi. It’s because I don’t view the Bambi’s mom sequence as much of a death scene, compared with that cool dinosaur fight in Fantasia. I’ll explain no more about it. Still, x% has a concern with the decline in wildlife including myself (even though I still eat meat). He seems to have married a lot of times even though he’s only had three. I don’t admire celebrities, though I do think Linda was the best wife for him, even though she’s dead. Heather on the other hand is mental! All she wanted was attention and she didn’t do anything special. She just whined and whined and whined, especially after their divorce.
I can’t think of anything else to say about Paul.

As for George, he happens to be my favourite Beatle which is why I decided to leave him till last. Everybody asks who my favourite group member is, though maturely, I don’t judge musicians by their appearances. It’s like being asked who my favourite Spice Girl is (probably either Mel B or Geri)!
The reason why I rank George as my favourite is because of his musical talents. No matter how quiet he is compared with the other Beatles, he is a bit like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Brian May. He can play lead guitar and sing simultaneously. I even give the songs he wrote a high ranking i.e. Within You Without You, While My Guitar Gentally Weeps, Here Comes The Sun and Something, because they all demonstrate this example.
After the split, George has had a fantastic range of careers. He had a film studio Handmade Films which has produced some fantastic films; Life Of Brian, Long Good Friday, Time Bandits (which he wrote one of the coolest film songs for), Withnail and I and Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. I gave a presentation on that company once!
He even continued with his music career, even though I’m more familiar with Paul’s solo singles. There are some of George’s solo songs I can recall and give a high ranking; Dream Away (which he wrote for Time Bandits) and that Travelling Wildburys song, End Of The Line, which was featured in the final episode of One Foot In The Grave. It’s a shame he died quite young, at 58, of lung cancer.

So you might think I consider The Beatles an overrated band. Well, not really. They’re not as overrated as The Spice Girls or Take That or even Coldplay, at least for my taste. I believe The Beatles have released some good stuff; I Want To Hold Your Hand, which I mentioned, Paperback Writer, Revolution (the B-Side to Hey Jude), Something and Can’t Buy Me Love are also awesome. But yet there are a few weaker points, such as Yesterday and Revolution 9 which I remember being bored by. Get Back and I Am A Walrus, I don’t dislike, but they don’t hold up much to me. I also mentioned that Hey Jude is my least favourite Beatles song, which may sound controversial, but opinions are opinions.


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